fridays with oscar

  1. You do that country woman thing so well, I love it. Well, you do city well too. I have to say, I love Oscar, especially with all four paws off the ground! Good weekend.

  2. Rebecca Saffer says:

    What a great shot of Oscar leaping off the ground. The scenery around you looks lovely for an afternoon of wandering.

  3. OutWest says:

    Oh that jacket does bring Fall to mind. It is my favorite season, the colors, trees, cool temps. Beautiful. Coming from a Scandinavian family there was always a fresh pot of coffee on the stove and I love it through all four seasons.

  4. Sue Smith says:

    Have a great weekend–we’re also having beautiful weather here. Love the jacket. Hope you get to relax some. It’s gorgeous weather for it.

  5. Linda De says:

    I’,m so glad you have him. I am sure he is a great companion. I love his flying act in the one picture. I had a cocker spaniel/german sheppard mix..He was the best dog there ever was. Kind, protective, loyal, gentle, smart…just the best..and so pretty, too <3 You both look great and yes, love Ralph Lauren. Enjoy your together time <3

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