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today, i’m sharing my top pinterest pins with you. and you might see a pattern. they say a picture is worth a thousand words and i quite agree. in the writing world, we always strive to “show” not “tell” and the same holds true in the style world. my goal here at Style at a Certain Age is to show you how i put together daily outfits. then you, in turn, can interpret any idea into your own style. but you’ve heard me say it before, and it bears repeating. my number one style tip is to find a uniform that looks good on you, and you feel comfortable with, and stick to it. you will notice in the next five photos that my personal uniform is a blazer, blue jeans, and a shirt or tee. then it’s a matter of mixing in different accessories. scarves, necklaces, belts, shoes, and handbags are easy ways to keep your wardrobe looking modern and fresh. let’s take a look:
pinterest poses

this is a very simple look. i even have on a denim tuxedo. light wash blue jeans, and chambray shirt. but it’s the glen-plaid pattern on the blazer mixed with the paisley scarf that gives this ootd a zing. plaid is a bit tricky to find this time of year, so i linked types of blazers i would purchase for spring/summer. the same goes for the scarf.

labels: denim Loft; blazer JCrew (similar here and here); shirt Gap (similar here and here); scarf JCrew (similar here and here); belt Banana Republic (similar here and here); tote (similar here and here)

pinterest poses

i have to say this jacket is one of my all-time favorites. it’s been hanging in my closet for at least 10 years. i had this jacket tailor-made for me while living overseas. it’s clean and classic, and this chanelesque look never goes out of style. in this outfit, i paired it with a striped tee and chinos. a fun belt and handbag pull this monochromatic look together.

labels: chinos Banana Republic (similar here and here); tee JCrew (similar here); jacket tailor-made (similar here, here and here)

pinterest poses

even if you don’t live in texas, most likely, you will love this ootd. this jacket was purchased by my husband over 20 years ago, and i love it as much today as the first day i wore it. notice how the boots and handbag compliment each other. if you zoom in on the photo you can see my silver bangles and turquoise earrings are in keeping with the southwest mood of this casual chic outfit.

labels: denim Ann Taylor; jacket (similar here); sweater Old Navy; boots Ralph Lauren (similar here and here); tote (similar here and here)

pinterest poses

here’s round two for my classic tweed jacket. this version, i paired dark rinse denim with a long silk blouse. several strands of pearls and a super-sized brooch give this ootd just the modern, classic vibe it needs. nude pointy-toed pumps and a signature handbag finish off this look that’s perfect for day or night.

labels: denim Ann Taylor; shirt Banana Republic (similar here and here); jacket tailor-made (see above links); shoes (similar here and here); necklace JCrew (similar here and here); brooch Banana Republic (similar here and here)

pinterest poses

one of my favorite accessories is leopard. in this ootd i’m wearing a leopard belt and leopard flats. which tie in with the camel cardigan. notice my pearls are on again (they truly are my favorite gemstone) and an oversized tote which compliments the overall color scheme. this time, i was able to sneak in a pair of white denim.

labels: denim Ann Taylor; tee JCrew (similar here and here); sweater (similar here and here); belt Ralph Lauren (similar here and here); shoes (similar here and here); tote (see links above)

okay, ladies, i hope you see the benefit of having a uniform that’s simple, classic, and chic. and stands the test of time. if you love pinterest follow along with me here



  1. Ana Bogusky wrote:

    Ha! I don’t pin too much, but I have repinned at least two of these from you! You always look great, Beth. : )

    Posted 2.21.16
    • hi friend! thanks for swinging by the blog, and the repin. i think pinterest is my favorite hobby. i can lost for hours over there…
      xoxo beth

      Posted 2.21.16

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