fall coat round up for 2020

today i have pulled together coats and jackets i love for fall and winter. i have included past posts to illustrate how i have styled each type of coat, but the links in today’s post are current for fall 2020. many of these styles will look familiar to you, and that’s because they are classic silhouettes. so, sit back and enjoy my fall coat round up for 2020!


how to wear a moto jacket

this time of year i love to wear my leather moto jacket (old, similar here) every chance i get. it gives this ootd the modern edge it needs. i always love the juxtaposition between masculine and feminine.

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moto jacket 1 | moto jacket 2 | moto jacket 3 | moto jacket 4


timeless classics | leather moto jacket

today i’m introducing the latest version of a beloved closet staple – the mighty moto jacket. if you do not have a leather or faux leather moto jacket hanging in your closet you are missing out on a hard-working wardrobe essential.

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quilted field jacket

this jacket is suited for inclement weather as the outer shell is splash proof. BarbourBurberry, and Ralph Lauren always have a quilted field jacket in their inventory. but there are lower priced brands that trot out field jackets year after year. 

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quilted field jacket 1 | quilted field jacket 2 | quilted field jacket 3 | quilted field jacket 4 | quilted field jacket 5 | quilted field jacket 6


taking on the new year in style – wrap coat

there are certain closet basics and must-haves that will never go out of style.  ever.  i’ve got an outfit today  that pulls some of those items together. a wrap coat is classic. with a silhouette like an overcoat, its self tie gives it a cozy feel. and a shawl collar only adds to the coziness. it’s easy to see why the wrap coat made my fall coat round up list for 2020.

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wrap coat 1 | wrap coat 2 | wrap coat 3 | wrap coat 4 | wrap coat 5


timeless classic | trench coat

a trench coat is a timeless classic in its own right. it’s a perfect outerwear choice almost any time of year.

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stylish self-expression as we age

it will come as no surprise to you that one of my go-to looks is preppy.  it has been my entire life.  

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there is the classic trench coat style but it doesn’t end there. there are many variations on the classic look. the clean lines and a-line cuts add sophistication to any outfit. bonus preppy points if you can score one in a plaid or other classic print

trench coat 1 | trench coat 2 | trench coat 3 | trench coat 4 | trench coat 5 | trench coat 6

more ways to style a trench coat…

a trench coat for all seasons…this post if from spring a few years ago. layering your trench coat means you can wear it fall, winter and spring. [read the original post…]


it just goes to show that a trench coat will always be in style. long or short, dressed up or down, a trench coat is a must have in your closet. [read the original post…]

trench coat 1 | trench coat 2 | trench coat 3 | trench coat 4 | trench coat 5 | trench coat 6


these are but a few examples of classic coats for fall. what are your favorite styles of coats for fall? let me know in the comments below! i hope you have enjoyed my fall coat round up for 2020. have a great sunday, ladies!

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this post has been updated for 2020


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  1. Sangita M wrote:

    Great post! I also have some capes that I got at Talbots a few years back. Great to dress up and down. Looking forward to wearing all my fall coats…..just not looking forward to what comes afterwards here in New Jersey! Either way, I’ll be prepared and stylish. Have a great week Beth!

    Posted 10.25.20
  2. Georgia Peach wrote:

    I love love coats! As you know it doesn’t get too frigid in the South but that doesn’t stop me from donning a beautiful coat.
    I have many of your past pics pinned to my “fashion ideas” album.
    A testament to the fact that the classics never go out of style and can always look fresh!
    Enjoy your Sunday🍂🧡

    Posted 10.25.20
  3. MaryLynne wrote:

    Thank you for your post. I forgot I had a black leather jacket I hadn’t worn in years. It fits! My arms are heavy and I haven’t been able to find a coat that would fit over a blazer. Often when you get a bigger size they don’t increase the sleeve width. So I wear a cape or warm wrap over a blazer. I live near an alpaca farm with a nice gift shop so have some nice wraps

    Posted 10.25.20

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