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y’all know my love for clean, nutritious, and delicious food. over the past three years on my health journey, i’ve truly become an advocate that food is medicine. for so long food has been the enemy in many of our lives when the exact opposite is true. our generation was taught to count calories, eliminate fat, drink one calorie sodas and deprive ourselves. instead, we should be stocking our home with fruits and veggies, bring back fats, and ditch the colas altogether. that’s why i’m thrilled to share my opens in a new windowDaily Harvest review with you today. if you are not familiar with this company here’s a little background: they believe in a world well-fed with food that’s built on organic fruits and vegetables. amen! opens in a new windowDaily Harvest works directly with farmers who grow the best product and delivers it right to your door.

one of my challenges for cooking for one is waste. oh, how i hate to waste food! but i still want healthy home-cooked meals which can be a dilemma. Daily Harvest to the rescue! now figuring out my next meal is easy and i don’t have to eat the same dish days on end. and i don’t have to think twice about the nourishing ingredients i put into my body as all of the meals are free of preservatives or artificial anything! opens in a new windowDaily Harvest is always gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based without any gums, fillers, and refined sugars. it’s also convenient to have opens in a new windowDaily Harvest delivered to my front door and always on hand in my freezer.  the only decision i have to make is which collection to choose from. the food only take one step to prep and can be served within minutes. just blend, soak or heat depending on the instructions. Daily Harvest also offers flexible deliveries and a wide variety of options so my meals are customized to my schedule and what i’m craving. get $25 off your first box of opens in a new windowDaily Harvest with code STYLE.

use code STYLE for $25 off your first box of opens in a new windowDaily Harvest.

here’s a sampling of opens in a new window Daily Harvest from smoothies to breakfast oats, harvest bowls, flatbreads, and a little something for your sweet tooth. the food is built on organic fruits and vegetables and can be popped into the freezer until ready to eat.

last summer i lived on opens in a new windowDaily Harvest smoothies. every day after my workout, i made a smoothie. it’s so easy and so refreshing on a hot summer day. and there are so many delicious flavors. my favorite? mint + cacao. smoothies are easy to make. simply add almond milk (or milk of your choosing) to the cup then pour the mixture into the blender. if you want an extra dose of healthy add collagen peptides!

the kale + sweet potato flatbread is nutritious and delicious. it’s the perfect accompaniment to the broccoli + cheeze harvest bowl. all the ingredients are listed on each and every package. it’s important to me to know exactly how my body is being fed. it’s so easy to pop the flatbread into the oven then bake for twenty minutes. while it’s baking i can easily whip up the broccoli + cheeze harvest bowl. i love to cook a fast, easy and delicious meal especially when Iim in a time crunch.

don’t forget to leave room for dessert! the vanilla salted swirled black sesame scoops hits the spot. and it’s free of artificial ingredients and added sugars so it fits into my clean, healthy diet.

a big thank you to opens in a new windowDaily Harvest for this sponsored post. and thank you lovely readers for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh ideas! use code STYLE to receive $25 off your first opens in a new windowDaily Harvest box. let me know what you think? i think you’re gonna like it! i know i LOVE Daily Harvest.



  1. Susan wrote:

    The description of Daily Harvest products sound delicious! I will try it out. One suggestion though. Readers who are breast cancer patients or survivors should check with their oncologist or oncology pharmacist before starting collagen supplements. Either can provide important additional information.

    Posted 5.5.21
    • thanks for pointing this out!

      Posted 5.5.21
  2. Very good ideas i heart of Fresh but not
    Daily Harvest.
    Thank you for sharing this information.
    Have a nice day

    Posted 5.5.21
    • Daily Harvest is an excellent choice for healthy meals! and a wide variety at that.

      Posted 5.5.21
  3. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    You’re so generous to let everyone in on how and why you look vibrant and healthy! It’s definitely in the food consumed daily. At our “certain age,” we must invest in ourselves to navigate aging gracefully. It REALLY works and is honestly an investment. For anyone thinking it’s too late, remember, if you begin today and five years from now, you don’t appear five years older…need more be said? Thanks, Beth! ~

    Posted 5.5.21
  4. Victoria Korol wrote:

    Are the smoothies satisfying? Usually, I’m hungry soon after drinking one.

    Posted 5.5.21
    • i think the smoothies are quite filling. they tide me over until dinner.

      Posted 5.5.21
  5. Madlyn Powell wrote:

    I just received my second shippment from Daily Harvest. Their food is delicious – and they have made my life so much easier.
    Thank you, Beth – for all that you do for us.

    Posted 5.5.21
    • Daily Harvest does make life easier. especially now that I’m single.

      Posted 5.5.21
  6. Sharyn D wrote:

    I have been ordering from Daily Harvest for about 8 weeks. I particularly love the shakes and flatbreads and that you can change your weekly selection or even skip weeks. The only down sides are 1) you have to order a minimum of 6 items (approx $50) and 2) the amount of packaging (box, plastic bags,plastic lids padding material) although much of it is technically recyclable or compostable, I do feel guilty.

    Posted 5.5.21
    • i am now a big fan of the bites! if you have a sweet tooth the bites are the perfect sweet snack.

      Posted 5.5.21
  7. I live in Australia.
    My husband and I are farmers and we also grow our own fresh fruit and veg.
    I would never buy packaged pre-prepared food . I shop at the markets and buy fruit, veg and herbs, cheese, eggs, fish and meats fresh from the primary producer. Their hands to mine. I cook quick and highly nutritious meals. It’s easy without a middle man and no packaging and negligible ‘food miles’ involved.

    Posted 5.5.21
  8. Pam wrote:

    It’s nice that you left us know about what you eat and where you order it from. I have just order my first round and cannot wait to get it and try it. I hope I wont be disappointed.

    Posted 5.8.21

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