reader favorites 2020 July, August, and September

all right, ladies, we’re continuing our mission to bring you a fashion distraction, no matter what is going on in the world around us. it’s hard to believe that an entire year came and went and a new year is two days away. to be certain, 2020 is a year to go down in the history books and time, or the keeping track of time seems to have disappeared altogether. isn’t it crazy that we’re reading the year in review not only here but from all the major news sources?! i don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the days, weeks, and months crawled/flew by. so before we bid adieu to 2020, let’s take a moment to recap your favorite blog posts of July, August, and September. are you ready? here we go.

reader favorites July

what i learned after 35 years of marriage

opens in a new windowdealing with grief one year later

i am always amazed by and so very thankful for you, my readers. the outpouring of love you showed with the post  opens in a new windowdealing with grief one year later leaves me speechless. please know that i read each and every comment with a thankful heart. this past year hasn’t been easy in so many ways, but the love you send my way has made the journey a little bit easier. ( opens in a new windowread more…)

what i learned after 35 years of marriage

what i learned after 35 years of marriage

opens in a new windowsummer dresses

on my quest for summer dresses, i discovered this cute little number from opens in a new window J.Crew. the  opens in a new windowribbon dress has pockets and also comes in black. it looks perfect on its own but the  opens in a new windowhot pink jacket also from  opens in a new windowJ.Crew looks casually chic thrown over your shoulders. ( opens in a new windowread more…)

opens in a new windowdress | opens in a new window blazer | opens in a new window sandals | similar handbag  opens in a new windowhere and opens in a new window here | similar earrings  opens in a new windowhere and  opens in a new windowhere |  opens in a new windowlip shade stimulant

opens in a new windowhow to lose weight after menopause

all right, ladies! summer is in full swing and with it a plethora of sleeveless tops, shorts, skirts and summer dresses. if there’s any time of year to get it in gear and get into tip-top shape in summer. many of you know i had a total knee replacement on April 6th. the months that preceded surgery were sedentary, to say the least, so i definitely had my work cut out for me (again) to replace the layer of fat that moved in with lean muscle and shed a few pounds. is it easy to lose weight after menopause? no, it gets harder every year due to changing hormones and a slower metabolism. is it impossible to lose weight after menopause? absolutely not. so if we are determined to age with grace, strength, and beauty and want to lead an active and vibrant lifestyle after menopause then diet and nutrition are of utmost importance. ( opens in a new windowread more…

reader favorites August

opens in a new windowa jumpsuit for fall

our regulars know that we don’t shy away from fashion controversy over here on the blog.  earlier this year, we talked about  opens in a new windowthe three most controversial fashion items for summer and  opens in a new windowfive fashion rules every woman should break. we’re all about defying expectations over here at style at a certain age, and today’s no different:  we’re featuring a jumpsuit for fall—one of the more divisive autumn items out there.   whether your love them or hate them, jumpsuits are statement pieces, and just a heck of a lot of fun to wear.  sometimes it’s good to be bold, right ladies?  ( opens in a new windowread more…)

opens in a new windowjumpsuit |  opens in a new windowstrappy heels |  opens in a new windowslingbacks |  opens in a new windowcrossbody bag |  opens in a new window2-in-1 earring |  opens in a new windowstudded hinge cuff |  opens in a new windowstudded cuff bracelet

opens in a new windowwhat to wear on a beach vacation | swimsuit edition

one thing i know for sure at 61 is that you don’t need a beach bod to enjoy the beach. ladies, no one has the perfect body at any age. unless you’re a supermodel. and they get paid the big bucks to look amazing. all we need to enjoy some fun in the sun is a swimsuit (or two). then you’re good to go whether you choose a one-piece or bikini. i know. i know there are some of us who think two-piece suits are a thing of the past when we hit a certain age. but i think not. to me, swimsuits are just like clothes. if i love a bikini and feel confident wearing it, then why shouldn’t i wear it to the beach? exactly! don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite suits are one-piece swimsuits. but i also have a stash of two-piece suits that are doggone cute. so today, i’m sharing what to wear on a beach vacation swimsuit edition. ( opens in a new windowread more…)

opens in a new windowswimsuit |  opens in a new windowhat 

reader favorites September

opens in a new windowkeeping with classic style for fall

we began this week by sharing  opens in a new windowa women’s guide to blazers, and we’re continuing on with that theme today.  that’s right.  we’re keeping with classic style for fall, and today’s OOTD is all about the  opens in a new windowmighty blazer. ( opens in a new windowread more…)

opens in a new windowstovepipe jeans |  opens in a new windowitalian luxe blazer |  opens in a new windowchambray shirt |  opens in a new windowprada eyeglasses |  opens in a new window3 1/3″ heel |   opens in a new window3″ heel |  opens in a new window2 3/5″ heel |  opens in a new window2″ heel |  opens in a new windowsatchel |  opens in a new windowbelt

opens in a new windowa day in the life | a look at my living room refresh

this week, it’s all about a refresh for fall.  whether it be our wardrobes or our homes, fall is a great time to change things out and spruce things up—just a bit. (especially with the year we’ve had, i’ll take any excuse for a little reboot.)   all week we’re building on one of your favorite series a day in the life.  for our new readers, this is an opportunity to give you a little look into my daily life—my home in particular.  yesterday, i gave you a glimpse of my  opens in a new windowfall porch refresh. today, i’m giving you a look at my living room refresh for fall. also, we’re sharing a opens in a new windowbook club with style update that you’re not going to want to miss. ( opens in a new windowread more…)

opens in a new windowsimilar boatneck t-shirt |  opens in a new windowankle jeans |  opens in a new windowslip-ons

five classic winter essentials

opens in a new windowa women’s guide to skirts for the fall

it’s fall y’all and time for one of our “definitive seasonal guides”.  earlier this season, we rolled out our  opens in a new windowwomen’s definitive denim guide. today we’re talking about skirts.  i’ve picked and compiled some of my favorite looks over the past few seasons and combined them into your single source of truth for skirts.  that’s right:  we’re talking midi-, maxi-, and everything in-between.  because, well, who doesn’t love to wear a skirt in the fall?   the weather has definitely cooled down here in Athens, which means i’m reaching for a sweater or two. but regardless of what you’re going to pair with your skirt, sit back and enjoy. ( opens in a new windowread more…)

that’s a wrap for today, ladies. we’ll finish our year in review tomorrow, December 31st. next week we’ll bring you brand new content. are you ready? i know i am! it’s Wednesday, ladies, time to put a smile on someone’s face, including yours.

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  1. Joy wrote:

    I’m loving this year in review so much!
    Thank you- styleatacertainage has been a daily uplift in the distress of 2020.
    Have a lovely New Year’s Eve and a relaxing January 1st.

    Posted 12.30.20
    • i’m so happy you’re enjoying a look back before we head into 2021. happy new year!

      Posted 12.30.20
  2. Laura Allen wrote:

    Finding your YouTube Channel is one of the best things that happened to me in 2020. I always enjoy what you present. Your blog is such a nice complement to the videos. I look forward to seeing what you have to share with us in 2021.

    Posted 12.30.20
    • i’m so happy you found YouTube and the blog. welcome! happy new year.

      Posted 12.30.20
  3. Margarita wrote:

    Hi Beth! Just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration your blog provides me. I discovered it during the long and lonely months of this year’s pandemic lockdown.. Every morning I checked my e mails for your blog and reading it was my treat for the day. It brought sunshine into an otherwise gloomy day Now as the year is coming to an end, with the vaccine around the corner and an upcoming trip to see all my kids and grandchildren who live in the mainland , I face 2021 with much optimism and gratitude. Gratitude for all the little things, your daily blog included, that got me through this difficult past year. May you continue to enjoy life and spread your enthusiasm and optimism.
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Posted 12.30.20
    • nothing makes me happier than to hear the blog has been part of your morning routine. cheers to a brighter 2021!

      Posted 12.30.20

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