a women’s guide to blazers this fall

last fall, i put together a women’s guide on how to wear a blazer this fall.  that’s because, well, blazers are one o of my favorite items to wear, and they’re also probably the single most popular item on the blog.   over the years, i’ve worn them with sweaters, turtlenecks, and denim boilers to name a few.  i’ve dressed them up.  i’ve dressed them down.  i’ve worn them every which way.  so, i’ve decided to refresh that guide, because in reality, blazers never really go out of style. 


preppy all the way

for those of my regulars, you’ll know that my go-to aesthetic is preppy.  i’ve featured it a lot this fall and even wrote an entire post about fashion confidence and one’s own personal aesthetic.   i’ve paired a plaid blazer with an cashmere mockneck layered on top of a stripe shirt.

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Talbots aberdeen blazer (plaid) | Ann Taylor blazer (plaid) | JCrew boyfriend blazer (plaid) 

with slacks

and don’t forget the chic but classic look:  a blazer paired with with slacks.  blazers can be dressed down, for sure.  but how good do they looked dressed up?  this is a perfect outfit for date night.  dinner, theater, or a movie anyone? 

Talbots shawl collar blazer (pink) | Ann Taylor double breasted blazer (pink) | J.Crew regent blazer (pink)

with a turtleneck dress

here, i’ve paired a cashmere turtleneck dress from Everlane with a blazer. blazers make my #4 essential items, and i put together a fall guide to blazers here.   you can match this look with a pair of boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. either works perfectly. and if distressed jeans aren’t your thing, no problem. just make sure to check out these low heeled booties from Easy Spirit.

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Talbots luxe blazer (black) | Ann Taylor one-button blazer (black) | J.Crew regent blazer (black)

with a sweater

a blazer with a sweater.  so simple.  so easy.  so classic.  so chic.  it’s probably the easiest way to wear a blazer:  casual, but not too casual.  you can get a lot of mileage with this look. 

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Talbots double breasted blazer (plaid) | Ann Taylor newbury blazer (plaid) | J.Crew open-front long sweater blazer (plaid)

with a sweater again

fall is all about the layering. and one of the best ways to layer is with a blazer. you all know how integral blazers are to my wardrobe.  they’ve been featured heavily on the blog over the years.  (see older posts herehere, and here.)  and they’ve also made several appearances on this month’s fashion flash over on YouTube.  here, we’ve got another black blazer with another sweater.  see.  i told you.  you cannot go wrong with this look.  so many variations:  the sky is the limit. 

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Talbots boiled wool blazer (black) | Ann Taylor long double breasted blazer (black) | J.Crew going out blazer (black)

with a tee and denim

how fun is this tweed blazer?  is it still warm where you are?  pair a blazer with a tee and denim.  i wore this outfit when i visited my middle kiddo in NYC earlier this fall. 

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Talbots knit tweed jacket (black) | Ann Taylor newbury blazer tweed (white) | J.Crew tweed jacket

with animal print

and the classic blazer again, this time with animal print.  i’ve been all about the animal print this fall—leopard in particular.  such an easy way to spice up an old classic.  

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animal print from banana republic

Talbots long wool blazer (blue) | Ann Taylor one-button blazer (blue) | J.Crew going out blazer (blue)

animal print from banana republic



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  1. Jane wrote:

    I adore your posts. You are my inspiration. I stopped dying my hair and copied your hairstyle. Jane

    Posted 11.17.19
  2. I have read, anyone over 50 should not wear ripped jeans,knee high boots, leather cloths, snake skin clothes….ha ha. You have blown
    these all out of the water!! I love it. Always styled to perfection.

    Posted 11.17.19
    • Judy wrote:

      Elaine, I totally agree that age should not dictate style…except for the ripped jeans! I DON’T think ANY age should wear ripped anything! I know, I know. This one has always gotten to me, no matter what age. Just like the pants hanging below the rear on young guys, I hope this fad will fade soon…but this is just me.

      Posted 9.27.20
  3. Debra Cuadro wrote:

    Great video & tips! How do you determine which length blazer to wear with pants/dresses/skirts? Is there a rule of proportions that you follow?

    Posted 11.17.19
  4. Paige wrote:

    Do you go up a size on the blazer so you can wear it over a sweater & blouse?

    Posted 11.17.19
  5. Paige wrote:

    Do you need to buy the blazer a size larger so you can layer a sweater & blouse underneath?

    Posted 11.17.19
  6. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    I love that today, we can wear denim almost anywhere and still be chic. And blazers/jackets are my downfall–I have a lot, but I try to purchase quality so they last forever. I think they really make an outfit pop. You look mahhhhhvelous.

    Posted 11.19.19
  7. Sangita M wrote:

    Love the post! I have always been a fan of blazers, but you’ve given me more ideas and inspiration! Thank you.

    Posted 9.27.20
  8. Madeleine wrote:

    I have a Ralph Lauren blazer from years ago…it’s longer…like a boyfriend jacket…is it STILL wearable without looking really outdated

    Posted 9.27.20
  9. Beverly wrote:

    I really enjoy your posts and have incorporated many of your style tips. In this time of virtual everything…from meetings to tailgates to church services…..would you consider a post theme of “Dressing for Zoom?” I’ve learned by experience a few things…small patterns often don’t work as well as solid colors, wear the shades opposite of your background (if you’re against a white wall, wear dark), chunky necklaces look better than scarves…..but I’d like to hear a style pro weigh in. Thanks!

    Posted 9.27.20
  10. Leslie Fu wrote:

    Many of us think that blazers are only used for casual meeting and corporate use. The multiple ways that you have shared with us to style a blazer will make us utilize the blazer in different ways. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Posted 9.28.20
  11. Linda De Miller wrote:

    Thank you! Love your sunnies with all of these cool outfits and the casual jeans and graphic tees, with the beautiful pumps.

    Posted 9.30.20
  12. Linda De Miller wrote:

    Thank you for the inspiration! Love your sunnies with all of these cool outfits and the casual jeans and graphic tees, with the beautiful pumps.

    Posted 9.30.20

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