how i wore it in new york city

  1. Susan says:

    Beth looks like a fabulous time! I have said it before, there is nothing chic about tattered jeans for us 60+ women! Loved the yellow tunic, I would wear with black straight leg pants! Loved the tweed long blazer, again I would have paired maybe with a tobacco colored jean. I know you had a wonderful
    time with your kiddo, that sure do make our world go round!!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      isn’t it great that you can style these clothes in so many different ways? but then that’s what style is all about – personal preference. the marigold tunic would look fabulous with either black or navy. if distressed jeans aren’t your thing there are so many other options these days to stay on trend with denim. vive le difference.

  2. Carley says:

    Beth, thank you for taking us on this fun short tour of your trip! I love living vicariously thru your travels and sense of style. I love the Boilersuit and blazer, and hope to try this look in Palm Springs this winter. How fun to step out of the box with this look! As you see I love it all! Thanks Beth!

  3. Nancy Reed says:


  4. Janice Tatum says:

    Will be going to San Diego, CA in December. Must see the Del Coronado’s 20′ indoor Xmas tree with an ice rink set up in their back yard, eat at The Godfathers for upscale Italian and Filippi’s Pizza Groto for outstanding casual eating.

  5. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, the outfits you have put together food your trip are great. It looks as though you had a lovely time in NY.
    I’m not a tweed person but I do love your jacket it’s different xoxo

  6. Yvonne says:

    I love your wardrobe for New York. You look fabulous. I live near SLC and we dress pretty causal in the West, but like you I like to look stylish, no matter the occasion. Love your Blog!

  7. Jeanne says:

    I just got my hair cut similar to yours, so thanks for the inspiration. What do you use or do to add volume on top? Mine lays flat!

  8. Priscilla says:

    Beth, I want to thank you for inspiring me, at 67, to realize I can be age appropriate and fashionable at the same time! I’m also going to NYC (annual trip) in a couple of weeks and you gave me some great ideas. For the first time I’m not seeing a Broadway play, but rather going to an event at Carnegie Hall and Feinstein’s 54 Below nightclub. Thanks again for inspiring us all!

  9. Kathleen says:

    I love tweed and denim and denim and black. Always in style as are you, Beth!

  10. Suzi says:

    I thought that I could travel light, but seriously, did you get 3 purses, several pairs of shoes and the clothes in the one bag you showed? I love laying and blazers but they do take up room–maybe do a segment on packing all of this into one small roll on!

  11. Regine says:

    I loved all of your ensembles here and especially the marigold tunic look. This post made Rod Stewart’s “You Wear It Well” pop into my head!

  12. Cathy says:

    What a great trip! I love all your outfits! I love the gold tunic. You give me so many ideas for my wardrobe.

  13. Betty (SC) says:

    Love, love, love all the outfits! Hard to pick a favorite! Perfecto! – Reservations made for Turkey Day at a wonderful 100+ year old inn in the NC mountains!

  14. Wen says:

    Traveling to Newport Beach tomorrow and heading to the Great Pacific Air Show on Huntington Beach. Will include flip flops for the beach and all American red white on blue. Love the denim jacket with the track pants! So smart for travel as well! Thanks for the tips!

  15. Suzanne M Smith says:

    Great tips and outfits, Beth! Sounds fun. It made me miss living up there–the only one of my family still up there is my younger sister and she and I need to get into the city again. She’s less than an hour out of Manhattan. We plan very similar trips–last time I visited, I headed to the High Line and that was fun–and such pretty views of the water, too. I always go see a play in the city. I’ll have to live vicariously through you this time! Glad you got a chance to see your son! Good for you!

  16. Julie says:

    Hi Beth,
    Loved your travelogue about NYC. I still get a thrill every time I see the New York skyline. Your blazers were terrific…loved the navy tweed with the denim boiler suit. Gave me some great ideas for an upcoming trip to D.C.

    So happy you had such a wonderful time with your son.

  17. Linda says:

    Love all the outfits, as worn during your recent trip to NYC.
    I recognized that tunic (smiling here) from a website, and actually snagged the last one, which was on a great sale, PLUS a promo code. Oh my gosh! Of course, its How great was that?

    I am not a distressed jeans person, but admire them on others. I’ll most likely will wear my yellow tunic with very slim leg slacks and point toe flats. And it may be into spring of 2020, since we are now getting a taste of fall, here in Pennsylvania.
    I have two children One lives very close to us, after finding his dream property, acres with a stream and nice, but not too large, home. The other is in Colorado, up there in ski country and she loves it out there, snow and all.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      good for you to snag this tunic for a song! you will love it. it will look perfect with slim leg pants. lucky you that fall has arrived in your neck of the woods.

  18. Sarah says:

    I’m not sure if it’s our age or being born and bred in the south but, I would nevah, evah, wear tattered and torn jeans to any theatrical production. Sub them out for a dark wash, perfect! Glad you had such a marvelous time with your son. That’s a treasure!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      awww, that’s too bad. i definitely love dark rinse denim and wear them regularly but distressed blue jeans are just dang fun to wear! to each their own.

      • Sarah says:

        For sure and I have a cute pair! They add a fun casual vibe…..just not Broadway….it’s me, I know!

  19. Pam Zwieg says:

    Love all the outfits Beth. Funny, I think the distressed jeans look great. The way you styled them with playful tee and blazer is spot on, especially for NY.
    You inspired my to try the jogger style look, I like with the heels.
    Thanks for all you posts, always great ideas.

  20. Kimberly May says:

    I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time now, but the past few posts could not have been more perfect. I’m literally packing for a trip to NYC right now. Never having been to the Big Apple, I have packed/unpacked/repacked multiple times already.
    The debate about distressed jeans is particularly interesting. I have a pair that I love, but I kept thinking they were too casual for NYC. Thank you for the inspiration. We’re doing a Broadway show, walking tour of Brooklyn Bridge/Dumbo, taping of Seth Meyers, drinks at the Carlyle, and all the other bucket list items.

  21. Iris says:

    As always, fun blog and fashion tips. Makes no difference what you wear, you always look amazing. You are such a classy lady. Appreciate all you do.

  22. leila chouikha says:

    Beth , je vous suis depuis un moment et je découvre une personne avec un style exceptionnelle
    merci et bon courage

  23. petrajany says:

    Love your all outfits and you are looking totally stunning with your timeless pieces of jewelry.

  24. Linda Lennon says:

    I just moved from NY to California & it’s so fun to see the different regional styles. After being here in the desert for a year I’m still trying to find my coastal casual groove! We just got back from a week in NYC/Long Island area; had to be around the same time you were there, Beth, and I did not even pack jeans. We had extremely warm, but absolutely gorgeous, weather. I agree with the comment about wearing ripped jeans to a broadway show; not my style but one would not be out of place. First time travelers need to know that some fine restaurants frown on jeans and jacket-less men. Also, NYC is a fast walking town & the right footwear is so important. Love your style Beth!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      good advice, linda! thanks for sharing. perhaps i should have stated in the blog post that when hanging out with thirty-somethings they rarely venture into
      venues requiring jackets or where jeans are out of place. when in rome do as the romans do. that’s my motto and how i selected my NYC outfits this time around.

  25. Pam says:

    All great outfits Beth. I’m amazed and awed you could get all that in that one suitcase! Kudos to you.
    BTW, there’s a boiler plate jumpsuit at Target for those with limited budgets. Very cute.

  26. Frances says:

    These are some of my most favorite outfits you have put together.

  27. sharon says:

    I think the outfits were great and I would definitely wear them and I am 72. Wear what makes you feel beautiful. Thanks for taking us along Beth. I just came back from Door County Wisconsin. Saw and crossed Lake Michigan to Washington Island,

  28. Lorraine says:

    I really like your blog but I’d say never ripped, worn jeans for women our age. It just makes you look like you’re trying to be young and hip! Not a good look! Stick to darker jeans, especially in cooler weather, and your classic look.

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