time to celebrate and congratulate

Let’s Celebrate…Let’s Congratulate!! New Beginnings….
This week my Guest Post – Marlene – MMK invites you to plan, select, send and give special wishes of Congratulations to those we love and care about! ‘Tis the season to celebrate the Bride-to-be, the Graduate, Father, Grandfather, a new baby, job or a return to the office!! For many, this may even be the time of a new home or apartment in a new city…exciting new starts!!

Wine and San Francisco Photograph by Kim Blumenstein

time to celebrate and congratulate

Optimism and Change are finally in the air…just like Spring!

Now is a return to sharing a happy, engaging life…as you are ready! Cheers!! It seems these occasions of celebration are returning to our lives in a different way…showers, weddings, parties, and even travel!! Many of them, possibly in person, are often smaller, more intimate affairs and settings. Some, of course, still remain…miles away.

For those of us who have friends and family all over the country and the world, life’s events do not stop being “across the miles.” Whether or not travel is possible, we are not always able to click our “ruby red slippers” like Oz’s Dorothy and be where we wish to celebrate!! Sending gifts of love and meaning are constants – they are almost like “being there!” Let’s make them as meaningful as possible – no matter how humble or extravagant $$$!!! No matter how they are sent or received!!

This week, I would like to share and explore some of the very personal ways we can make our choices of giving even more special. Ask yourself – what are their passions, interests, favorite colors, Birthday Gemstone or Flower, what do they love…family, animals, the beach? What are their initials or affectionate pet names?? Nature is a universal theme…loved by all. Think cotton, wicker, rattan, leather, leaves and palms. Let’s consider nature’s gifts and share them with those we love and wish to honor with a special gift!!

Nature’s Gifts – Great for Couple Showers, Father, Graduate, Housewarming…. or Memorial Day! Enjoy!!

opens in a new windowNewbury Picnic Basket

opens in a new windowGingham Picnic Blanket

opens in a new windowWilliams Sonoma Gift Basket

The fabulous Picture Frame makes a terrific gift for many of those we love on our gifting list, especially when it reflects their personality, interests, life occasion or memories. How thoughtful, how personal, how memorable! It is lovely to include a special photo inside, when possible – or give a vintage family photo – maybe even arrange a special session with a Photographer! A frame collection can start at any age…1+

New Apartment with “the boys!!”

Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco with a dear friend visiting…

For Father’s Day, the Graduate, the “happy couple”, new apartment or home, it might be fun to select a natural finish or texture –to remember a special pet, beach vacation, trip, Safari or new life in a sunny, warm climate!

opens in a new windowBiscayne Rattan Gallery Frame

opens in a new windowMichael Aram Palm Frame

How wonderful to remember the many Firsts in life!! First child, grandchild, niece or nephew…first romantic or foreign trip? Some of these photos remain for years…and in the same frame to capture a happy moment in time!!
I share some of mine as inspiration…

Treasured photos of God-daughter Sara 1 st B-Day, Newborn Niece, and Godson – Nephews romping with collectible
opens in a new windowButton in the Ear Steiff Bear, from proud Auntie MMK! These baby photos have remained in my prized Bronze Frame Collection…since their births!!

opens in a new windowGold birthday number balloons

Niece NEM having a very memorable Happy Covid 16th Birthday celebrating with little brother WBM who enjoyed his 13th a few months later!! Memorable, Personal, still Fun!! Definitely frameable!

Grandfather Love!!

Don’t forget that varying the size and shape of a frame collection creates visual interest on a table, shelf, desk or wall! You can never have too many frames, so they are the perfect gift!!

Houdini the Cat – opens in a new windowOriginal by Photographer Kim Blumenstein

opens in a new windowReed & Barton Jungle Parade Frame

Of course, I know you won’t forget to wrap and ribbon with love….

Let’s not forget those we have lost…and special pets we loved so dearly…gone waaay too soon!!

opens in a new windowAerin Green Classic Faux-Shagreen Frame

Of course, the Picture Frame could also be perfect for a Shower or Wedding Gift… for that memory of a romantic
Engagement Proposal, Wedding Invitation or Honeymoon!! We all want to relive happy times!

Kahala, Hawaii xoxo

Of course, the Picture Frame would also be perfect for a Shower or Wedding Gift… for that memory of a romantic
Engagement Proposal, Wedding Invitation or Honeymoon!! We all want to relive happy times! Let’s consider all things Wedding and Love another week!! Until then…Enjoy, Congratulate, Celebrate BIG TIME
and select perfect gifts…to cherish and remember!! xoxo MMK


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  1. Andrea wrote:

    What a lovely post, Beth. We all need to surround ourselves with beautiful memories and the faces of those we love and treasure – the stuff of life 🎁

    Posted 5.22.21
    • marlene kristoff wrote:

      Hi Andrea – Marlene here… Delighted you enjoyed the post xoxo MMK

      Posted 5.23.21
  2. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Enjoying your posts very much. Can identify with many of the delights you express. Your enthusiasm is contagious, too! Thank you for livening up our Saturdays, Marlene. See you next week! ~

    Posted 5.22.21
    • marlene Kristoff wrote:

      Hi Sylvia – How wonderful to receive your charming comments!! Happy to enliven your Saturdays!! I do enjoy sharing…enjoy your week!!xoxo Marlene

      Posted 5.23.21
  3. Bondgurl wrote:

    I really enjoyed Marlene’s post today and all of her photos/treasured frames … Nice dog shots and Steiff Bear!

    Posted 5.23.21
    • Marlene Kristoff wrote:

      Hi Bondgurl!! How fun…thrilled you enjoyed the post…we do love our animals don’t we!! Till next week…enjoy & celebrate!! xoxo MMK

      Posted 5.23.21
  4. Nathalie wrote:

    Loved it!!! Glad to see you’re doing so well 🙂

    Posted 5.25.21
  5. marlene kristoff wrote:

    Hi Nathalie…
    Delighted you “Loved it”….big hugs-xoxo MMK

    Posted 6.10.21

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