fat burner with FASTer Way to Fat Loss

  1. Debra says:

    Thank you for sharing more about this healthy way of eating, I joined last week for their 5 Day Sugar Detox. What a difference, by day 2-3 I wasn’t experiencing my usual bloating. I enjoyed the meals/recipes along with encouragement and feedback from their coaches. Tomorrow I am starting the 6 week Faster Way, I can’t wait going into the holidays healthier and more fit!!!
    Love your blog, follow daily! Hugs, Debbie

  2. Eve says:

    You look amazing and must be the best advertisement for this program they have. Does Kelly use this program? I know I need to get it in gear but the great start I made last year was stalled by a problem with my hip hurting so I stopped. im 78 and no excuse but it is harder to get motivated this year.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      yes, kelly is a big fan of FWTFL. i love to share this program because it works. this program dispels lot’s of misinformation that we’ve been fed
      for the past forty years. and while it may be harder to get motivated this year if you stick with this program you will see and feel so many amazing changes in your body and mind.

  3. Bev says:

    What’s your thought on wearing leather leggings? I’m 66 and really like the look. But how can I wear them and not look ridicules?

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