fridays with oscar (saturday edition)

have you ever had a week get away from you? to be honest, 2019 will be the year that got away from me. but before i get ahead of myself let’s just stick to this past week which was a doozy. many of you are so kind by writing in and telling me how brave and courageous i am in the face of adversity. honestly, i’m neither. i’m just a woman trying to put one foot in front of the other learning to live a new normal. there are many days where the only thing i want to do is lay on the couch, eat fritos, cover my head, and refuse to face the world. but then i think what good would that do for me? or my children? or for that matter, the memory of mr. style? and the wonderful life we built together.

that’s when i take a deep breath, take a shower, throw on some clothes, and make an active decision to participate in life. it isn’t easy. and most days i break down in tears somewhere along the line. let me tell you, a pair of sunglasses sure do come in handy! but, yes, i am determined to walk through this trial one day at a time, one step at a time with my children’s support, friends that come to my aid, and the love and prayers you’ve showered upon me.

but all of this leads back to fridays with oscar and how this week got away from me. since junior style celebrated his 28th birthday on the 23rd, we finished our work week early. and i had the best of intentions of getting this blog post out on time. but one thing led to another, and you know how life goes sometimes and these days i’m just rolling with it if i can. 

and this week’s post is merely a montage of the ‘best of fridays with oscar’ so i made the executive decision to hit publish on saturday instead of friday. ‘cuz i have a birthday coming up on the 26th, and i was feeling a little out of sorts yesterday as to how i would celebrate without my main squeeze by my side. but guess who is by my side each and every day? begging for treats, and belly rubs, and vigilantly patrolling our yard? God Bless oscar, and ollie too. these two rascals make life a little easier to bear what with their unconditional love and companionship. so without further adieu here’s a look back at some amazing fridays with oscar posts.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a Talbots red heart blouse, girlfriend jeans, and red shoes

in january i whipped up a delicious instant pot spaghetti. but oscar only had eyes for salmon. and ollie too. read the post here because you don’t want to miss this recipe. it was one of mr. style’s favorites.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a Talbots red heart blouse, girlfriend jeans, and red shoes

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a Talbots red heart blouse, girlfriend jeans, and red shoes

fridays with oscar | pink tart and stuffed peppers

fridays with oscar | pink tart and stuffed peppers

february found oscar and ollie up to their usual hi-jinks. and i served french tarts and stuffed peppers. read the post here.

fridays with oscar | pink tart and stuffed peppers

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears boyfriend jeans, graphic tee, tweed blazer and pink kitten heels

pork tenderloin sheet pan dinner

march found oscar sporting a spiffy bandana for st. patty’s day. and i made pork tenderloin sheet pan and bee’s knees. don’t you love the names they come up with for cocktails? read the post here.

pork tenderloin sheet pan dinner

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a J.Crew graphic tee, jean skirt, lightweight cape scarf, and Tory Burch sandals

the weather warmed up in april so mr. style threw honey glazed pork chops on the grill. and i whipped up a gin basil smash. read the post here.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a striped shirt, white denim, and seersucker sandals

taco stuffed zucchini boats

may was a busy month with my oldest son’s marriage. mr. style was slowing down but was still snapping my photos. and we squeezed in taco stuffed zucchini boats and fly me to the moon. read the post here.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a striped shirt, white denim, and seersucker sandals

national stripe day j.crew boyfriend shirt talbots scalloped shorts

national stripe day j.crew boyfriend shirt talbots scalloped shorts

junior style had taken over the photography in june. and my kiddos started making frequent trips home. many of you began to comment that i looked sad. and you were right. but i treasure these days and weeks because my family made certain mr. style had all his loved ones under one roof. a mexican cobb salad was on the menu as well as a watermelon margarita. read the post here.

national stripe day j.crew boyfriend shirt talbots scalloped shorts

easy to make fourth of july dessert

easy to make fourth of july dessert

my world came to a halt in july. but i’m thankful we had one more fourth of july together as a family. and it was a memorable celebration full of love and laughter! read the post here.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a fringed cardigan sweater, denim, and pink suede pumps

white shirt and gingham pants

ollie maine coon cat

but as we all know life stops for no one. so in august, it was time to ‘carry on’ as they say. junior style is doing a phenomenal job behind the camera. i know mr. style is beaming from ear to ear! and look what great company i have! what was on the menu? ahi tuna poke jicama tacos and juliet and romeo. read the post here.

it’s good to be back at work. it’s good to stay busy. and it’s good to place one foot in front of the other. it is well with my soul.

oscar and i wish each of you a lovely weekend!



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  1. Prairie Poulet wrote:

    I do believe he was preparing you for life without him, Beth. As much as it hurts, you are doing a fine job of honoring his memory. And it’s okay to pull up a blanket and your best buds for some couch and Kleenex time. It’s essential, in fact. One step at a time.

    Posted 8.24.19
    • Dulci Walker-Webb wrote:

      My husband passed away on 12th of this month. It’s hard so very hard but although grief is almost too much to bare I know I will come out of it eventually. We were married 57 years and the adjustment is not easy. It’s wonderful seeing you carry on as you are doing and your strength is a tonic to me.

      Posted 8.25.19
  2. Betty Valls wrote:

    I am so very sorry to learn of your great loss. Wish there was something I could say to help, I send you a very big warm hug

    Posted 8.24.19
  3. Sondra wrote:

    God Bless you Beth, and for the courage to be honest….with us AND yourself! I don’t know if I would be doing as well as you and I know you’re thankful for your kiddo’s and having a ‘job’. But they still don’t take the place of your dear ‘Mr Style.’ Trust me, we ALL understand and healing is something that is different for everyone, so don’t feel rushed, ashamed of guilty for ANY of your feelings.

    Posted 8.24.19
    • Priscilla Shoulders wrote:

      Beth, I can’t tell how often I think of you. My prayers are with you. Hugging you with my heart ❤️

      Posted 8.24.19
  4. Jane wrote:

    Yes I have noticed the sunglasses. You are doing well. Grieving in public, even with a supportive audience, is not easy.
    Thank you for the reminder about the Salty Dog. I love it.
    Cheers to you, Oscar, and Ollie, and the human boys who make your house a home.

    Posted 8.24.19
    • Diane Sargent wrote:

      As a very recent widow, I get it. I lost my husband of 37 years in March of 2019 after a long illness.
      My 3 cats were lifesavers.
      I cried & snuggled with them. But they also were, & are, a reason to get up every morning. They are just there, living in the moment, and they don’t let you forget that!
      Just keep on going on. I won’t say it gets better, but I’m told the unbearable moments do become further & further apart. I’m still struggling and trying to figure it all out.
      I’m happy you are continuing with your posts & keeping us updated.
      Good for you !

      Posted 8.24.19
      • Marta wrote:

        I am just so sorry.i don’t know how you do it. Your husband would be so proud of your success.
        I felt like maybe you missed yesterday because of your grief and I am so glad that you were able to
        Get through the day without feeling an obligation to keep all of us entertained, You are an inspiration to all of us because you are willing to share such an intimate time in your life. I truly can say love you and wish you peace and joy in the days ahead.

        Posted 8.24.19
    • Sharon wrote:

      I wish we could make it easier for you. You do the best you can and put one foot in front of the other. It takes awhile to try to get used to the new normal whatever that is for you. I have been a widow for20 years this December. Thank God for our pets and children. I am sending you warm hugs.

      Posted 8.24.19
    • Marilyn L wrote:

      I sympathise with you. No harm in hiding under the blanket once in a while. You are entitled to grieve for as long as it takes. Long live sunglasses. I never go anywhere without mine. Hugs from Northern England.

      Posted 8.25.19
  5. Susan Grear wrote:

    Love all of your posts, but this
    is one of my favs because I can relate completely. Lost my husband in June of 2018, and still trying to learn to do life alone.
    Rescued a long hair mini dachshund late November…but realized he rescued me too.
    Someone once pointed out to me that dog is GOD is spelled backwards…a “God wink” for sure…but don’t they give us unconditional love and grace too? They, like us, just want to be loved and are as good giving as receiving.

    Work fills the time. It’s time to get back to really living. 2018 is a blur…but 2019 is going to be my year…

    Prayers for you Beth.

    Posted 8.24.19
  6. Marie wrote:

    Hi Beth,
    Warm regards from the Netherlands. I’m a big fan of yours 🙂 Beth, I know exactly what you’re going through. My hubby passend away in 2017 because of pancreatic cancer at the age of 58. We were together for almost 37 years. You are in my thoughts and prayers sweet lady. Take good care of yourself. All will get better with time. Am sure that Mr. Style is looking down on you, with extreme pride.
    Much love,

    Posted 8.24.19
  7. Ginger Levick wrote:

    You are such an example for women, who at any age could be in your situation. Thank you for sharing your highs and lows.

    Posted 8.24.19
  8. Judy wrote:

    Beth, luv you.luv your blog,luv oscar,luv Ollie,luv your recipes,luv your house,luv your decorating,just luv your style. Look forward to your emails and seeing what your furry companions are up to. Take care. Oh, and did I say luv to all!

    Posted 8.24.19
    • Lisa wrote:

      Beth, I continue to send prayers and hugs. Love seeing you and Oscar, as I mourn my sweet Damian. I knew your boys would rally around you, as you’ve created a firm foundation. Can’t wait to see your fall fashions. It’s my favorite time for clothing, even though I live in the South. 😎 We are all rooting for you! 🙏

      Posted 8.24.19
  9. Marianne R Fagioli wrote:

    Beth, It takes a while and we appreciate your posts when you are up to them. Your honesty may also help others who are going through something difficult like you are. You have such great style and sharing it with us means a lot. I’ve changed since enjoying your posts. I hope you have a Happy Birthday – even under the circumstances. We are all with you! Marianne

    Posted 8.24.19
  10. Susan logan wrote:

    You are an inspiration! Thank you for your honesty!

    Posted 8.24.19
  11. Gray wrote:

    Good Job Beth! You are right – he would want you to carry on and do your best. And you are. Having lost my only child in 2012, I have the utmost empathy for what you are going through, and am amazed you are even at it already! I was in very bad shape for a long long time. You are allowed to have lots of bad days. You are doing so well, keep it up.

    Posted 8.24.19
  12. Julie Mycock wrote:

    Hi Beth, such a lovely post to read about how you are coping with everything. I’m sure it’s much appreciated by everyone that you are sharing with us how you are feeling considering that it’s a private time for you and your family.
    We are all with you on this journey no matter what. You will have a beautiful birthday and Mr Style will be there with you watching from wherever he is. Lovely to see a collection of older posts with Oscar and Ollie. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

    Posted 8.24.19
  13. Judy Dlugosh wrote:

    Dearest Beth
    Thank you for your honesty and what courage you are showing us all.
    May l share a website griefshare. org
    It has been so helpful with a daily devotional and addressing how our emotions are normal at this difficult time.
    Griefshare also has support groups if you choose to join one in your area.
    Praying for you. ❤

    Posted 8.24.19
  14. Lucy S. wrote:

    Beth, God bless you as you’re able to soldier on when it’s not easy. But you do. And I speak for myself and others when I say that we are grateful that your are continuing to post your pictures and updates. I don’t personally know you, but my heart goes out to you reading your thoughts and memories of Mr Style. It’s so personal and endearing, these memories of your Mr. Style. It tugs at my heartstrings and I have a lump in my throat, as I feel your eyes well up as you write your fond memories. Please don’t stop. Your posts let us, your readers, know you’re doing well as can be after your loss. And God bless junior Mr. Style for picking up and carring the camera for his father. You are truly blessed. I speak for many when I say that you are loved and I look forward to many more of your posts in the future.

    Posted 8.24.19
  15. Anja Kuystermans wrote:

    Dear Beth, thank you for sharing this with all of us. You know, I recently lost my dad so I also grieve – but life does go on. You can’t grieve the wrong way. You just do what works for you and feels good. Take your time and no need to apologize. Love and hugs from across the ocean!

    Posted 8.24.19
  16. Karlene wrote:

    I started following your blog because of your style ( clothing ) , I’m not on Instagram so I just learned of your loss. My thoughts are with you and I hope knowing that others are thinking of you, provides strength when you need it. Grief is a curious beast, but thankfully time helps you finds way to deal with it. Your public sharing and pushing to stay engaged are such an inspiration!

    Posted 8.24.19
    • Carol J wrote:

      Dear Beth, thank you for continuing to share your style and life with us, all while grieving the loss of Mr. Style. For the better part of 20 years we lived with the thoughts that my husband would pass away at 53 (paternal family history). Well that was 19 years ago so he’s on borrowed time (horribly stressful when anything comes up; including a potential cancer diagnosis 3 years ago).
      You are such an inspiration to all of us, and I pray that our good Lord provides you with comfort and strength every day.

      Posted 8.24.19
  17. Rachel Ramadan wrote:

    Happy Birthday Beth! My son is turning 15 on the 26th!

    Posted 8.24.19
  18. Marcia wrote:

    I think of you everyday and what a difficult time you are going through. One step at a time is always the best and having Oscar there by your side is a tremendous comfort. They make you get up and get out.

    Posted 8.24.19
  19. Cecilia wrote:

    Hugs, Beth.

    Posted 8.24.19
  20. Rebecca wrote:

    Whenever I see posts from you, Beth, they fill me with delight, inspiration and insight into a beautiful spirit. I am so glad you have Oscar and Ollie by your side while you are in deep grief over the loss of Mr. Style. Animals truly bless us with unconditional love and company. Please never put pressure on yourself to hold yourself to a schedule that doesn’t work for you. Happy birthday to Mr. Junior Style and to you on your upcoming one.

    Posted 8.24.19
  21. Violet O'Brien-Hill wrote:

    Hello Beth, My thoughts and prayers are with you. This certainly isn’t an easy time for you, but as you say one day at a time, one foot in front of the other and pray! The love of Oscar and Ollie I’m sure are a great comfort to you as they too have had a loss. God bless you and keep you in his loving care!

    Posted 8.24.19
  22. Beth, thank you for sharing your heart with us. It helps me empathize with friends navigating the same journey. When you are late with a post, don’t worry. It simply reminds us that you really need prayer that day. At least, that’s the way I responded yesterday. Prayers today, too.

    Posted 8.24.19
  23. Deb wrote:

    Sending lots of love, support and prayers your way.

    Posted 8.24.19
  24. Sharon olsen wrote:

    Great big hugs to you , your family and your fur babies! One day at a time and a lot of deep breaths.

    Posted 8.24.19
  25. Barbie wrote:

    You have more love and support from your courage and honesty than you’ll ever imagine!

    Posted 8.24.19
  26. Dutch wrote:

    Beth, I don’t think you realize how many women you have touched with your personal story. We who read your blog obviously enjoy your fashion, but you have taken us on your personal journey as well. That is not easy. It can make you vulnerable. But it is incredibly heartwarming to read the comments of your followers; women who know your pain from similar circumstances as well as those who just want to reach out to comfort you. I have a “It’s a Wonderful Life” (the Xmas movie) philosophy. Remember how Jimmy Stewart’s character gets to see what life would have been like had he not lived and been a part of his hometown? That’s how I see you. You and Mr. Style, through your blog, have affected many people’s lives. It makes me feel good reading your blog. It gets me motivated. Then there are times, like today when your message is kinda sad, or particularly poignant, and we women get that. You are incredibly relatable. You have a kind and loving heart and a great sense of humor. We love you and appreciate you and are grateful you are in our lives through your pictures and words. You have made, and will continue to make, positive impacts on us, your fans. God Bless You.

    Posted 8.24.19
  27. Christine Gohr wrote:

    You have been an inspiration for me for a couple of years, and now you have joined the rank of widowhood with me. I lost my husband of 46 years just over a year ago. It’s a whole new world and coping is a one day at a time experience. Thank goodness for friends, family and grandkids!

    Posted 8.24.19
  28. Pat wrote:

    One day, one hour, one minute, one second at a time, Beth. I’m sending you prayers, support, and understanding. I’m 4 1/2 years into this widow journey. It’s different for each of us, and it does eventually become our “new normal”. Take care of you and do what you need to do for yourself.

    Posted 8.24.19
    • Claudia wrote:

      Yep to loose your better half sucks. A new normal for life. There is no going back to who you were. Everyday is a struggle to get thru it. My husband was killed in a car crash 4 days before moving to our retirement home and leaving the home we designed and built and lived in for 20 years. Volunteering helps to pass the time and help others.

      Posted 8.24.19
  29. Vikki H wrote:

    You have an army of friends and fans who are praying and thinking about your days. Thanks for connecting again and the honesty of grieving well. Blessings for you and your boys, canines included. When my parents died within 3.5 years of each other a counselor told me it takes time to heal the wounds, at least 3 years he said before life seems “normal”. I still miss them but it’s not as raw.

    Posted 8.24.19
  30. Julia Ford wrote:

    Three words…,”You are awesome ! “

    Posted 8.24.19
  31. carolyn wrote:

    I missed you Friday. I think about you often and my heart goes out to you. Your honesty endears you to us even more. Prayers, hugs and love are coming you way.

    Posted 8.24.19
  32. Melissa wrote:

    I look forward to your posts each day. I continue to keep you in my prayers. You are doing a wonderful job🙏🏻

    Posted 8.24.19
  33. Renee Napier wrote:

    Whether you believe you are strong or not, it takes courage to put one foot in front of the other! God bless you for inspiring us each day.

    Posted 8.24.19
  34. Kathleen wrote:

    Thank you Beth for your honesty and sharing. You will never know how many others your words bring comfort to. We are all thinking of you and praying for you and your family. I feel like we are all family. We look out for each other in so many ways, even though we may never meet.

    Posted 8.24.19
  35. Deirdre Cerasa wrote:

    I am glad but not surprised you have the love and support of your sons and close friends. Although most of us know you only from the blog, I can see many of us think of you as a friend. Peace and prayers continue. 😔🌺

    Posted 8.24.19
  36. Madlyn Powell wrote:

    Remember Beth, the first year is the hardest. Be patient with yourself.

    Posted 8.24.19
  37. Cheryl wrote:

    Sending hugs and the best of wishes that peace and contentment will eventually come into your life. You’re stronger than I think I would be at this point; but you’re right. It’s a new normal, and you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I’ve been blessed 8n that my Dad is the on,y loved one I’ve lost, so far; but I’ve found that you don’t get over grief, you just learn to live with it. The new normal. Take care, sweet lady. You are an inspiration to us all. ❤️

    Posted 8.24.19
  38. Dawn wrote:

    Beth, you are inspiration to us all! You will get through this at your own pace, and you have so many fans that care about you. Thankfully you have Oscar, Ollie, your wonderful family, and good friends. Hugs and prayers…,think about you everyday.

    Posted 8.24.19
  39. Linda V wrote:

    You are doing well. take one day at a time. I lost my first husband over 25 years ago. I was younger than you are. It was difficult. I then went onto find another special love and am now married 20 years to my husband. I mention this not that I think that you will start dating any time soon, or dating ever. But just to say that time does make it easier. At first it is just sadness, but later on you remember all the good times and the laughs you shared and the life you shared, and that helps. Plus you have your wonderful children. I wish you well.

    Posted 8.24.19
  40. Jemma wrote:

    Dear Beth, what an amazing woman you are, you write so beautiful and instead of us cheering you on, you are telling us you are doing good. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you and how you inspire me to be strong and positive. My elder daughter turned 44 on the 23rd. I love style so everyday I anxiously look forward to your posts. Lots of good wishes and prayers to you and your family.

    Posted 8.24.19
  41. Julie wrote:

    You and your family are and will continue to be in my prayers as you grieve. Take the time you need. Your honesty and insight are helping others! Not only by your lifestyle/fashion posts but the raw bits of life that we all share at some time! Hugs!

    Posted 8.24.19
  42. Betty (SC) wrote:

    I helplessly watched my sister going through the grief process of the loss of her husband. Time is needed for the healing to begin. Listen to your heart, and take care of your health. Accept all the love offered by family, beloved pets, and your friends and many supporters! Prayers & hugs sent for you Beth!

    Posted 8.24.19
  43. Karen wrote:

    Dear Beth,
    I scanned my email several times yesterday looking for FWO and was bummed not to see it, but understood completely that you have priorities. Thank you for the montage of Friday posts, it was fun looking back at how many outfits I ran out and purchased! A summer fav is the “Ice Cream” T and shrug from J Crew. I am a Talbots’ chick, but JC is my second favorite shopping place. Keep your chin up!!

    Posted 8.24.19
  44. Linda Simpson wrote:

    God bless you as you continue to grieve. Thank you for sharing your life.

    Posted 8.24.19
  45. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    I hope you’re ok pouring your heart out here and there–it’s totally necessary and healthy, too. (Remember, crying releases good endorphins that help us.) Sometimes, we just need a good sob. Your world’s been turned upside down, and you’re entitled. I think of you often and wonder how you’re faring. Your Fridays with Oscar and Ollie are a tradition we all enjoy, and you put a lot of effort into them. Hope your weekend will be restful and kind to you.

    Posted 8.24.19
  46. Diane wrote:

    When I didn’t see a posting yesterday (Friday), I was disappointed but not really surprised. You are handling life with grace and guts. Bless you, Beth.dd

    Posted 8.24.19
  47. Joanie wrote:

    Hi Beth
    I missed you yesterday, too. Don’t be too hard on yourself about missing a post or two. Happy birthday to you and also to Junior Style. You deserve some time for yourself and your family, too. We will be here when you return. I really enjoy Fridays With Oscar. The style, recipes, and furry friends. You are brave, strong, beautiful. Thanks for all of the inspiration. Prayers, peace, comfort and love to you and yours. Joanie

    Posted 8.24.19
  48. Susan wrote:

    Beth, I was actually worried about you when I did not see a post yesterday!
    I am not sure how you do this every day, while grieving the loss or your darling Mr. Style!
    You are such an inspiration to all of us. I married my high school sweetheart and we will be married for 50yrs next May. I know you were married over 35yrs., you have lost a part of yourself, you never get over it, but you will come out of the storm!
    Sending hugs and prayers to you!!

    Posted 8.24.19
  49. Kathy Branham wrote:

    My husband and I were married 41 years before he died two years ago. I’m still trying to figure out who I am without him but like you I just feel all the emotions and then dust myself off and put one foot in front of the other. Staying busy helps so much. I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to your posts.

    Posted 8.24.19
  50. joy wrote:

    Your blog is part of the greatness of the internet. The love, gratitude, appreciation, inspiration, comfort, and compassion in the sharing of life are soothing to the soul. None of us are out at the clothesline talking to one another anymore but woman to woman time found a way to continue.
    I love it.
    And I second the comment that said I love, Oscar, I love Ollie, Inlove the blog, I love the fashion, I love the recipes- hat she said.

    Posted 8.24.19
  51. Gwen Ewing wrote:

    God bless, Beth! Love your blog andadvice. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are quite a lady!

    Posted 8.24.19
  52. Connie wrote:

    May God bless you as you strive to move forward in your new life without your precious husband. Grief has no timeline and each person must grieve their loss.
    You inspire others in your ability to get up, smile and present your OOTD and videos❣

    Posted 8.24.19
  53. Shawn wrote:

    Dear Miss Beth, there are so many of us out here faithfully reading your posts. We hold you and your family in our hearts, sad for your sadness. We will continue to read your words, love Oscar and Ollie, and be a part of the invisible strength that keeps you afloat, even as you fall apart.

    Posted 8.24.19
  54. Chris wrote:

    Sending you love and hugs from Australia, keep strong we need you to keep us looking beautiful ❤️

    Posted 8.24.19
  55. Katie wrote:

    Ha! Love how Oscar was counter-surfing that salmon, and your cat thought it was – invisible hiding it’s head under the bath rug! I’m sure those two keep you busy with their cute antics.

    I have the jacket you wore with the pink flamingo blouse. What a FUN outfit you put together! Hummmm, I am going to buy myself some pink shoes to wear with my jacket and dark blue jeans.

    See how you inspire people,like me that have – no idea- how to style an outfit? How you touch the lives of people you will never meet except via your wonderful blog?

    Gear up those sunglasses and keep up the good work! Your awesome and you have promises to keep, and miles to go before you sleep. And oh the things you will see in your lifetime: maybe a Grand, maybe see a woman – walking on Mars…..

    Posted 8.25.19
  56. Lynne . UK wrote:

    Dear Beth. Just read your post with tears in my eyes, it was such a shock. I lost my wonderful husband 7 years ago and never a day goes by without him in my thoughts. But life does go on and with the support of family and friends I’ve made a new life, met a lovely man, also widowed, and together we’re having a good life. just have to take it one day at a time, some will be bad but just go with it, it does get easier. All my thoughts are with you .

    Posted 8.25.19
  57. Cindy wrote:

    Have followed for some time ( I long for being back in CA., my husband and I met in SF —- so I loved your days and pictures there).
    I just love your Friday’s with Oscar and now your Cat.
    I am so sorry your beloved Husband is gone. Your example to move on and with such strength, beauty and grace and live life inspires me and many. Thank you. Prayers for you and your family.

    Posted 8.25.19
  58. Diane wrote:

    Thank you for sharing. Lovely photos as usual and with sprinkles of mr. style was sweet and loving.

    Posted 8.25.19
  59. Patricia wrote:

    I hope not to walk in your shoes for many years, but you are teaching me how to do it with style and as much grace as you can muster behind your sunglasses.

    Posted 8.25.19
  60. Bonnie wrote:

    My God, the toll of the death of a loved one is so emotionally shattering. It takes not only time, but concentrated effort to get through the hours, days, weeks, months without our loved one’s daily presence in our lives. From my perspective you are showing us how it is done. I admire your emotional strength, and your willingness to share.

    Posted 8.25.19
  61. Lori wrote:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Take your time , we are all here for you, keeping you in our prayers.

    Posted 8.25.19
  62. Lisa Mitchell wrote:

    I just discovered the blog, and find your graciousness and positivity inspiring in light of your recent loss. Lovely fashion, food/drink and lifestyle suggestions!

    Posted 8.25.19
  63. Lynn Martin wrote:

    Love and Hugs and most definitely Prayers!! And Thank You so much for continuing on with the blog. We most assuredly appreciate and love you for it! Life can bring us to our knees, no doubt, and we do what we can to simply survive at times. And we will survive with and through prayers and support from our Family and Friends. My prayers for you and your family will certainly continue, as YOU continue to BLESS us each day!!!

    Posted 8.26.19
  64. Jeannine wrote:

    Thank you for your lovely and inspiring posts, Beth. Your grace and strength are little nuggets of courage I slip into my everyday life and I appreciate you.

    Posted 8.26.19
  65. Mary Grogan wrote:

    So beautiful and poignant and utterly honest. Wishing you peace. Glad you have your critters. They can be an enormous comfort.

    Posted 8.26.19
  66. Karen Mason wrote:

    My thoughts are with you Beth. It’s ok to let go and grieve and cry. My late husband died when my kiddos were little and sunglasses and an extra bottle of foundation in my purse for touch ups were so necessary. A song, a phrase, a laugh you hear all these things can melt you into a mess. And that’s ok. It’s good to keep busy because having a purpose gets you up in the mornings and forces you to be in the moment and living. Sending a virtual hug to you. 💕

    Posted 8.28.19
  67. Linda wrote:


    Posted 9.18.19

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