travel smart | staying healthy while traveling

  1. Cheryl says:

    First of all, I love the outfits you’re wearing in the photos accompanying this post. Great picks, all of them. I especially like the one of you wearing the black and white outfit….just gorgeous!
    Great ideas, too, about keeping healthy while traveling. I always mean to buy a bottle of water at the airport, and never do. Maybe because I hate using the facilities on a plane…
    I always pack a small cosmetic bag that I’ve made into my first aid kit. I stock it with blister-packs of OTC meds ( aleve, antihistamines, pepto -bysmol, etc.) a few bandaids, small tube of neosporin, scissors, and tweezers. You can buy any of these wherever you travel, but who wants to hunt for a pharmacy while on vacation?
    Great post. Enjoy Florida. It’s nothing but rain, rain, and more rain here in Georgia.

  2. Clio Silman says:

    I swear by saline nose spray when flying. It moisturizes is important in the dry cabin air. For me that means fewer vacation sinus infections😊

  3. Carol says:

    All great advice. Looking at the pictures I definitely miss your shorter very chic hair.

  4. Barb Bennett says:

    I liked that you showed different outfits today.

  5. Andrea says:

    Excellent tips, Beth. I never realized, that you can take packaged snacks through security, but my daughter-in-law always packs snacks and or sandwiches plus their own metal/plastic water bottles. Even better now with designated water bottle stations!

    Another tip, is to register with the embassy if travelling out of country and make sure that your insurance is adequate, you have ‘direct’ numbers as some countries don’t allow collect calls to be sent. Also know which hospitals your insurance recommends. I just went through dry pneumonia out of country, and with no charge as opposed to one poor soul with a $85,000.US bill. They don’t let you leave the hospital until it is paid! Also avoid the rumour mill on the internet, just verify the hospital with your insurance.

    Love that bathing suit fab colours.

  6. Suzanne M Smith says:

    Lots of good tips. I always tell myself to try not to touch my eyes or mouth if at all possible with my hands when I’m traveling. And yes–cleaning hands frequently is a must. I have sometimes on the road stopped at little open markets to pick up fruit or veggies and maybe nuts or cheese to snack on that are healthy. I almost always picked up a bag of pistachios or mixed nuts to bring with me on the road. Hope you are relaxing and enjoying your son this week!

  7. Jan says:

    I wondered if your daughter-in-law is still working at Style and if she made the Florida trip. She may have found a different job?

  8. Gwen Marie Ewing says:

    Great tips! I try to do many of these. It is scary with the health issues going on right now. Cleaning the tray and seat on the plane is a great gigabit to get into! Happy trails!

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