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  1. Suzi says:

    The bag shown is not a Brahmin, correct? The bag you have looks softer and woven like a Patrica Nash bag.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      the tote is several years old by Christopher Kon. whenever an item isn’t available for purchase we link to something similar and we note this in the post. hope this helps.

  2. Love your style but I have to disagree with the footwear choice. It is much easier to wear slip-on shoes to the airport. Much easier to go through security check without the laces.

  3. Andrea says:

    Love your outfit, Beth! Just retuned to Canada from Mexico and choose a similar outfit but wore a heavy weight blazer that I love for planes with a silk scarf.

    I really wish I had purchased the similar down jacket, I debated about prior to going south. Lightweight and takes up minimal space. Going was fine (heated house/cab/airport) but returning we left a +25 and landed in -27, so this little darling would have been a perfect transition piece, even if the cab was heated 😉. Excellent ideas as usual, Beth.

  4. Suzanne M Smith says:

    So glad you’re thinking this way~especially since I’m retired, I have been realizing just how many clothes I have, and there are so many ways to style them all that I’m having fun creating tons of new looks with things I already own. I’m amazed at how new they look just switching them up with different items than I did in the past. I told myself– here and there I’ll purchase something of quality that I love, and add to my things here and there. But I counted all the jackets, sweaters, skirts, pants, shoes I own and it’s embarrassing–I am going to have new looks forever even with what I already own. Happy travels!

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