5 Sneaky Ways to Look More Youthful

  1. Gayle says:

    Very simple, straight forward suggestions, but things easily overlooked. A very helpful column.

  2. Nancy B says:

    Love these great tips and some products such as the Snow teeth whitener which is new to me! And Happy Mother’s Day to you, Jennifer!

  3. Barbara Lacy says:

    Jennifer thank you for these great steps . Would you do a feature on serums, what they are, how to use properly and good ones to purchase. Many thanks and Happy Mother’s Day.

    • thank you Barbara for the Mothers Day wishes! It was lovely. I’d love to talk about serums and will make sure to include that into a future post – I use A LOT of various ones, so I’m a fan!

  4. Deanna says:

    Just finding time to read my emails. This is all such good, doable information. Thanks for all the information, links and instruction. I need to do some shopping for these affordable ideas. Thank you for your guidance. And….Happy Mother’s Day!

    • This is wonderful to hear Deanna! I like for my beauty posts to be very approachable and easy and straightforward ideas for the everyday gal. Thanks for taking time to comment

  5. Penny Metcalf says:

    Jennifer, I use the Lumify eye drops and love the way they make may itchy eyes feel in the morning. Here’s a plus, my ophthalmologist told me that Lumify also contains pressure drops and that doesn’t hurt anyone. Lower eye pressure is good for the optic nerve.

    • Penny that is such VALUABLE info on the Lumify drops! I had no idea about the pressure drop benefit – makes me love mine even more! I appreciate you taking time to share this.

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