Fall Travel Outfit

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Your outfit looks very comfortable and chic. Your posts always inspire me! I am a native Californian living in Ohio so I envy you spending time in California. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Judy says:

    Kelly enjoy Carmel. It’s so cute. I’m curious the size of the jeans. I’m short and those look quite long. Not petite sizes of course.

    • Carmel is so cute, Judy! The weather is beautiful too! The jeans are regular size 25. They are long, but I can wear flats and the hems don’t hit the ground. Thanks so much for stopping by! xo Kelly

  3. Jayne Walker says:

    I love the travel outfit and will copy It although I have a more modest budget. I am 4’10” and 108 and really appreciate having a petite example of what to wear for a small person. Thanks Kelly!

  4. Melanie Simpson says:

    It’s a beautiful time to visit Carmel, one of my fav places!! If you have time, “The Inn at Spanish Bay”, is absolutely gorgeous at sunset, with a surprise as well!
    Love the wide leg Mother’s Jeans…Are they true to size? Enjoy your trip!!

  5. Judy Arizona says:

    kelly, great shoot. Love the entire ensemble, especially the camo shoes. Like your hair slightly parted at the side, very flattering. Enjoy your trip.

  6. Lori says:

    I love those jeans on you, Kelly! I’m tempted by the travel tote since yours looks so good after years of use! Carmel by the Sea is one of my favorite places. Enjoy!

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