5 Outfits for Fall Travel

  1. Nancy says:

    Comfy and warm are my priorities for travel outfits. You’ve hit the mark on these. My favorite is the first one with the blazer. That looks the most polished to me, which is how I like to look; especially traveling by plane. The others are cute, although I am trying to avoid all black in any outfit, but I know it’s so practical. Great ideas Beth.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    These outfits are all very chic, as we have come to expect from Beth’s style. What I wear for travelling depends on the method of travel, the distance, and the weather. Looks #1 and #4 will minimize the look of any smudges picked up from waiting room benches, plane/train/taxi seats and so on. And with respect, a jumpsuit will not be in my travel (or regular) wardrobe. Airplane washrooms?
    Hmm…And there’s much more versatility in separates
    Just my humble opinion!.

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