With the rise of athleisure as its own fashion category and continued work-from-home affordances, activewear continues to take up larger portions of our wardrobes.  It’s not uncommon for 10, 20, even 30 percent of our closet space to be devoted to this category alone.  And brands have responded.  From Zelle to Athleta, retailers are delivering new and stylish sports bras, leggings, joggers, tanks, and the like.   I thought it would be fun, then, to round up my essential activewear 2022 edition.  

Whether you’re actively hitting the gym, spending the day with your grand kiddos, or working in the garden, activewear is a prominent part of our fashion lives.  And there’s no reason not to have fun and feel good in it:  from animal prints to bright colors to interesting patterns, activewear gives us a chance to take fashion risks we otherwise may not be willing to take. 

Essential activewear 2022

Today, I’ve rounded up 5 categories of items from 4 different retailers.  The items are 

  • tights & leggings;
  • joggers; 
  • tanks;
  • sports bras; and
  • hoodies & sweatshirts.

The retailers I’ve included are 

For those new to our roundups, the idea is simple.  I reach into my archives and give you a variety of different ways to style each item.  As many of the photos are old, I’ve gone and created shoppable widgets of in-stock, and often newly arrived similars from the above retailers.   

As athleisure sizing can be idiosyncratic, if the links direct you to a size that doesn’t fit, you can often just search the item on the retailer’s and find the appropriate size. 

(And just FYI, Zelle has a lot of their items on sale, so take a look.)

Tights & leggings

what to wear to yoga

athleta stripe sports bra, athleta high rise chatarunga tights, new balance shoes

athleta leggings, tank top, sweatshirt

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athleta leggings, tank top, sweatshirt

workout wednesday

home gym workout clothes

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Sports Bras

athleta stripe sports bra, athleta high rise chatarunga tights, new balance shoes

home gym workout clothes

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Hoodies & sweatshirts

home gym workout clothes

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