Of course, it’s important to stay on top of Spring fashion color trends. Some colors like Soft Lilac and Sky Blue are in; others are out. And that’s the thing about fashion trends, really. In and out, out and in.   But colors that never go out of style, no matter the trends:  neutrals. Yup, I’m talking blacks, whites, and grays. Ok, I know what you’re thinking:  we’re just heading out of Winter and into Spring. Why are you featuring a neutral-based outfit?   Simple:  I’ve got a neutral tweed jacket today that’s anything but boring. And it’s a perfect transition piece as we leave February behind us and enter into the springtime months. Without further ado, here’s that tweed jacket styled two different ways.  

Spring fashion color trends

Today I’ve got one tweed jacket (on sale!) styled two ways—both keeping with our neutral theme. The first jacket is layered with a  black merino sweater from Banana Republic, paired with tuxedo pants from Ralph Lauren. A perfect monochromatic combo that you can wear just about anywhere, really. And, of course, accessories can provide the perfect but subtle counterbalance with a metallic pop.   I’ve found this similar, layered necklace (similar) that will set off any similar outfit.  

Tuxedo Pants | Merino Sweater | Tweed Jacket | Pumps (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Handbag

Denim | Tee | Tweed Jacket | Sandals (similar) | Handbag (similar) | Pearl Necklace (similar) | Station Necklace (similar)

1 neutral tweed jacket 2 ways

Tuxedo Pants | Merino Sweater | Tweed Jacket | Pumps (similar)  | Necklace (similar) | Handbag

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Denim | Tee | Tweed Jacket | Sandals (similar) |Handbag (similar) | Pearl Necklace (similar) | Station Necklace (similar)

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Spring fashion

The second look is the yin to the first’s yang. I’ve swapped the tuxedo pants for white denim and the sweater for a tee. Again, accessories and shoes take the outfit over the top. I love metallic sandals this year—or any year for that matter because they act as a neutral.  

Denim | Tee | Tweed Jacket | Sandals (similar) | Handbag (similar) |Pearl Necklace (similar) | Station Necklace (similar)

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