Happy Monday, ladies!  I hope you had a wonderful East Weekend.  The day after a holiday is always a little bit of a reality check for me.  Sometimes it's hard to get back into that "work groove" if you know what I mean.  But we'll try, today, with an item that always generates a bit of controversy in the best possible way:  here's how to dress up, what has ended up to be, my favorite Banana Republic jumpsuit

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  Today's featured item is a utility jumpsuit from Banana Republic

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My Favorite Banana Republic Jumpsuit

1. Utility Jumpsuit

(Banana Republic)

Jumpsuits always tend to generate a lively conversation over here on the blog.  But let me state upfront:  I love them.

Why?  Because they give you a lot of flexibility in how you accessorize them.

This just means you can easily dress a jumpsuit up or you can dress it down all by your choice in accessories.

And, as it turns out, this utility jumpsuit from Banana Republic might actually be one of my favorites.

White and its clean white lines made going for an elevated look relatively easy.

Beth Djalali
Beth Djalali
Beth Djalali
Beth Djalali

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2. Accessories

(Brahmin, Banana Republic)

I went with classic, brown-based accessories today.  They complement the white jumpsuit perfectly but take a back seat just in the way I want them to.  The jumpsuit is the statement piece here.

My belt is Banana Republic, just like the suit.  My bag is from Brahmin.

Beth Djalali
Beth Djalali
Beth Djalali
Beth Djalali

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3. Shoes

(Mia Beccar)

I wore a pair of Bree Slingbacks from Mia Beccar.  To dress up this jumpsuit, you're going to want to go with a shoe with a heel.

You can wear a pair of slingback sandals like me or go with a closed-toe shoe as well.

Beth Djalali
Beth Djalali
Beth Djalali

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In Case You Missed It

Yesterday,  I shared the essential jewelry every woman should own. Click the title or image below to read the article.

this week, we’re launching a new series now & then.  the idea is simple:  every day we’re going to feature an outfit i wore this spring and restyle it for fall.  if you’re like me, fashion reusability is a must, and given that spring and fall are both transition seasons, outfits that work in the spring often work perfectly in autumn.  my hope today is to provide you a little inspiration to go back to your wardrobe and put a fresh take on an old outfit.  so, here’s  how i wore the same outfit this spring & fall:  the mighty jumpsuit.


it’s an open secret that i love jumpsuits. i first wore this utility jumpsuit from Everlane earlier this spring after my knee surgery.  i paired it with a striped tee and sandals.  i think there’s a feeling that there’s not much we can add to a jumpsuit to spice it up a bit.  not so.  both the tee and sandals give an otherwise spartan outfit some visual interest.  (i always love a pop of color.)  

[read the entire post…]

jumpsuit | sandals | similar tee


now here’s the same jumpsuit styled for fall.  notice that i removed the tee, but added a similar belt and a (similar) pair of wedge sandals.  i also cuffed the pants, which creates such a different feel, right?  a little more sassy.  a little more classy.  a little more fun.  you can imagine wearing this outfit out to happy hour or dinner, but as we saw above, it can be styled a bit more conservatively when necessary.   it’s amazing the different looks you can create with the same outfit and transition seamlessly into fall.  

jumpsuit | similar belt | similar wedge sandals | similar wedge sandals 2 


jumpsuit | similar belt | similar wedge sandals | similar wedge sandals 2 


our regulars know that we don’t shy away from fashion controversy over here on the blog.  earlier this year, we talked about the three most controversial fashion items for summer and five fashion rules every women should break. we’re all about defying expectations over here at style at a certain age, and today’s no different:  we’re featuring a jumpsuit for fall—one of the more divisive autumn items out there.   whether your love them or hate them, jumpsuits are statement pieces, and just a heck of a lot of fun to wear.  sometimes it’s good to be bold, right ladies?   

a jumpsuit for fall

we’re featuring  a chambray jumpsuit from J.Crew today.  i’ve paired it with a pair of strappy heels, but i’ve also sourced a pair of slingbacks that would work just as well.  we featured a similar jumpsuit last fall—paired with a blazer—which just goes to show you there are a lot of ways to accessorize a jumpsuit.  although temperatures are probably too warm where you are to do so, just remember you can wear a jumpsuit well into the autumn months. 

jumpsuit | strappy heels | slingbacks | crossbody bag | 2-in-1 earring | studded hinge cuff | studded cuff bracelet

be bold this fall

we’re advocates here for breaking out of our fashion comfort zone.  for some of you, a chambray jumpsuit may be old hat:  nothing to see here.  for others, you may have wanted to try one but still haven’t.  fashion is a low stakes way to get out of our comfort zone and embrace something new.  be bold this fall! 

jumpsuit | strappy heels | slingbacks | crossbody bag | 2-in-1 earring | studded hinge cuff | studded cuff bracelet

jumpsuit | strappy heels | slingbacks | crossbody bag | 2-in-1 earring | studded hinge cuff | studded cuff bracelet


oh, happy day! not only are my gorgeous Nikko blue hydrangeas blooming (my favorite flower after peonies) but i thought i’d share today how i’m dealing with my knee surgery. yesterday, i had my six-week post-surgery check-up, and i’ve been discharged from physical therapy. everything is A-Okay with my new plastic knee. but now the real work begins. it’s time to hit the gym, ramp up my walks, hop on my Peloton, and get the recommended 10,000 steps in. what’s my plan? a ten-day detox for starters (i’ve turned to these many times through the years for a reboot) to cleanse my system from the effects of surgery and anesthesia. both trigger the release of stress hormones that activate inflammatory responses in the immune system. inflammation worsens many diseases, including heart disease, cancer,  dementia, and can even trigger type 2 diabetes. surgery undoubtedly causes pain, stress, and anxiety but couple that with anesthesia and low body temperatures during surgery, and you get an immune system that’s been rattled in a BIG way. but i’m thankful for modern medicine and my new bionic knee.  

maintaining a healthy lifestyle

since y’all know i’m all about living a healthy lifestyle, i prepped my body pre-surgery with clean eating and loading my body with supplements. food is medicine, ladies, which is why nutrition comes first. but it’s hard to get the recommended dose of vitamin C by munching on spinach alone, which is why i decided to add daily supplements to my routine. if you’re interested in the list of supplements i take and their benefits i filmed a YouTube video that will fill in the blanks. i’m always happy to share what works for me.

just like plants, our bodies need nutrients to bloom. so for the next ten days, it’s all about clean eating, so i’m following The Blood Sugar Solution Ten-day Detox  Diet by Dr. Mark Hyman which focuses on out with bad in with the good. Dr. Oz is a big fan of his too. i listen to Dr. Hyman’s podcast, which is so informative about nutrition, hormones, inflammation, digestion, and metabolism. everything we need to lead a healthy life. and our health at any age, but especially as we age, is our number one priority. aging with grace, strength, and beauty focuses first on our health so we can lead the vibrant lives we all want. it takes lots of energy to chase after grandchildren, garden or travel. am i right?!

summer wardrobe essentials

but how cute is this polka dot jumpsuit? recently, i shared a post on summer wardrobe-essentials. the mighty jumpsuit made the list. recently, i ordered this polka dot jumpsuit from Talbots, but there was a considerable shipping delay, and guess what? the jumpsuit is no longer available. but i did source several other polka dot jumpsuits that i think you’ll like just as well here and here.

the same held true for this round leather handbag. ugh! i know all of the brands are doing their utmost best to stay on top of the shipping cycle, and delays are to be expected these days. but Talbots has a round suede handbag that’s just as adorable as the leather, and i loved the gingham handbag too.

but we’re in luck with the sandals from Loft. and they’re the perfect summer neutral that goes with everything. and i can walk easily in a low block heel. we’ll have to wait and see if heels are in my future. but i’m convinced if my legs are sturdy and strong, then heels shouldn’t be a problem going forward. lot’s of squats, cycling, and weight training are in store for me; that’s for sure!

jumpsuit (similar here and here) | handbag (similar here and here) | c/o sandals

for several seasons handbags with a round shape have been the cat’s meow. keep it simple but still tap into the trend with a neutral color. but nothing beats a straw circle crossbody bag for summer.

a detox

for the next ten days, coffee, sugar, dairy, grains, gluten, alcohol, processed foods, vegetable oils, and beans have been eliminated from my diet. oh, coffee and wine, how i will miss thee. but hey, after about three days i’ll start to feel soooo good i won’t regret it for a minute. gluten, grains, and dairy are the main culprits when it comes to inflammation and spiking insulin levels. by getting rid of them for ten days allows your body to see how they affect you. 

accessories make or break an outfit. typically, i’ll ditch the self-tie belt that comes along with many dresses and jumpsuits in favor of one i own. but don’t forget to add a jazzy necklace or bold bangle to spice up your outfit. the devil is in the details, so pay attention to your accessories.

for those of you that have been following my blog or my social channels, you know i’ve been in Florida the past few days.  don’t worry, all this week i’ll be showing you what i wore in Florida and how i wore it.  but being here has made me a bit nostalgic for trips past.  for my long time followers, you know that mr. style and i have traveled to Florida many times over the past few years.  and while i’ve had to make this trip without him, i’ve got junior style with me to enjoy this week.  

hello florida

today, i wanted to do something a bit different.  i want to show you what i wore in Florida in days past— a retrospective of sorts.  some of these photos have popped up here and there over the past few months, but after collecting them all into one place, I’m curious how you think the outfits have held up.  

hello florida

similar jumpsuithandbagchronicle bracelet 

because many of these posts are a few years old, many of the items featured here are no longer available.  i’ve done my best throughout to give you similar and/or comparable items and outfit ideas.  make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

stripe jumpsuit

Panama City Beach (May 2018) 

years ago when we lived in Houston, TX my curiosity was piqued about the Florida panhandle. every year, Houstonians would pack their bags, load their cars with beach paraphernalia, and head east for a week’s worth of sun in the fun. let me tell you, when those Texans came back home they raved about the sandy beaches that looked like white sugar. for some reason or another, our family of five never made the trek over, but my interest in the region remained.

decades later you can imagine my delight when the invitation arrived to explore the shores of Panama City beach. finally, i’d see first hand what the big star state residents fell in love with. honestly, i didn’t quite know what to expect. if you’ve seen one Florida beach, you’ve seen them all. right? wrong! completely, one hundred percent wrong. not only have i spent time on Florida beaches, but i’ve had the pleasure of visiting Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, well the list goes on when it comes to beaches. i kind of like to consider myself a beach baby connoisseur of sorts… 

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a Tommy Bahama Rash Guard and matching bottoms in Panama City Beach

similar rash guard | similar swim bottoms | similar hat

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a Gretchen Scott shirtdress while visiting Panama City Beach

similar dress 1similar dress 2

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a white shirt, chambray shorts, jean jacket and scarf at Panama City Beach

shorts | shirt |similar jacketsimilar scarf 

how do you feel about these looks almost two years later?  if you’re interested, you can check out some more photos and read the full sail away to panama city beach post here

Fort Lauderdale (Sept 2018)

whenever Fort Lauderdale comes to mind, i think of images of bright colors, beaches, flamingos, alligators, pools, tropical storms, boats, golf, and shopping. not certain if we’ll make it to the sawgrass mills mall but it claims over 350 designer outlets, specialty shops, and restaurants, including my favorites Tory Burch and Bloomingdales. 

for this look, i chose a silk button up blouse, purchased specifically for Florida.  it’s paired with white chinos, green flats, and an adorable monogrammed straw handbag. (and yes, my initials really are BAD.) 

what i wore in florida

similar button down | similar button down 2 | similar chinos | similar chinos 2 | monogramed bag

what i wore in florida

what i wore in florida

how does this outfit hold up a year and a half later?  let me know in the comments below.  you can read the entire original post what i wore in Florida.

Delray Beach (Sept 2018 cont.) 

here are shots of my stroll along Atlantic Ave. If you visit or live in the vicinity of Fort Lauderdale this outlet mall is a must. it’s ginormous, but we focused on the luxury stores located outside on the promenade—Dolce Gabbana, St. Laurent, Tory Burch, Frette, Ralph Lauren, and Tod’s. (and, yes, i did some damage at the Ralph Lauren store—i love him.)

i’ve worn this top with white denim. since then the top has sold out! but i paired it here with a matching maxi skirt which is still available. don’t forget the skirt looks terrific with a simple white tee or blouse! white sandals finish today’s OOTD. and i grabbed a straw handbag for good measure to keep the summertime vibes alive and well.

delray beach

similar blouse | similar blouse 2 | similar maxi skirt | similar maxi skirt 2 | similar maxi skirt 3 | wicker tote

delray beach

delray beach

are you still liking this outfit?  share your thoughts below.  below, i’ve put together a fun list of non-matchy-matchy comps with a focus on blouses and maxi skirts.  you can’t go wrong with either, and if you’re interested you can read the original Delray beach post here

alright, gang!  that’s a wrap.  i hope you enjoyed a little tour down memory lane.  stay tuned this week for more outfit warm weather outfit ideas from my trip in Florida.   




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