I love Talbots.  That’s no secret.  And apparently you, my readers, do too.  Almost every month, without fail, Talbots is the most popular retailer on the blog.  Hands down.   So, we’re gonna try something new today.  I’ve spent the past few days combing through Talbots’ Spring new arrivals, and I’ve put together a capsule wardrobe.   From 14 different items, I’ve put 5 different outfits together.  The items include:

Here are the rules I tried to follow when selecting items:

  • Must be Talbots.
  • Must be new arrivals.
  • Should be classic and wearable next year, and years to come.

Most of you are familiar with what I mean by “classic”.  Think lots of neutrals, fits, cuts, and styles that defy trends.  While bold and bright colors are in this year, I shied away from them today in favor of whites, blacks, and tans for example. 

So without further adieu, let’s see what I came up with.

Talbots Spring New Arrivals

Nappa Wedges | Perfect Tote | Nappa Loafers | Espadrille Flats | Vachetta Mule | Bateau Neck Tee | Drawcord Shirt Jacket | Twill Knit Blazer | Denim Shirt Jacket | Button Detail Popover | Smocked Blouse | Wide-Leg Pants | Relaxed Jeans | Slim Ankle Jeans

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Talbots outfit 1

The first outfit stars a navy twill blazer.  A navy blazer is part of any classic wardrobe and works perfectly with the simple combination of an olive drab neck tee and slim jeans in a medium wash.  And how about these leather mules?  Absolutely loving them.    

Twill Knit BlazerBateau Neck TeeSlim Ankle JeansPerfect ToteVachetta Mule

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Talbots outfit 2

The second outfit begins with a neutral base:  I paired a black and white smocked blouse with black wide-leg trousers.  The trousers are about as “edgy” as this wardrobe gets today, but I have been and will continue to be a fan.  The wedges continue the matchy-matchy feel of the outfit. 

Denim jackets are true heroes of any classic transition wardrobe, including this one.  So to add visual interest, I added a light-wash denim shirt jacket.  It lightens the outfit up dramatically.  (Imagine the difference if I were to have gone with a dark-wash.)

Denim Shirt JacketSmocked BlouseWide-Leg PantsNappa WedgesPerfect Tote

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Talbots outfit 3

The third outfit is preppy through and through.  I’m bringing back the navy twill blazer from outfit 1.  This time, though, I paired it with a blue popover and white denim.  Add a pair of navy loafers and you’re a full-on prepster, if only for a day. 

Twill Knit BlazerButton Detail PopoverRelaxed JeansNappa LoafersPerfect Tote

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Talbots outfit 4

Outfit 4 demonstrates keeps the base from outfit 1 but swaps the jacket, shoes, and bag.  It features a tan utility jacket and snakeskin espadrilles.  (Remember, animal skin functions as a neutral.) This outfit really demonstrates the impact accessories and outerwear can have on an outfit.  

Drawcord Shirt JacketBateau Neck TeeSlim Ankle JeansEspadrille FlatsPerfect Tote

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Talbots outfit 5

Compare outfit 3 with this one:  the only thing different is the jacket.  Instead of a blazer, I’ve gone with the utility jacket.  And what a difference it makes.  The outfit stops feeling “preppy” and starts feeling more, “I’m ready to take on the world thank you very much.”  

And that’s the fun of capsule wardrobes, really.  If you begin with a small but classic set of tops, bottoms, shoes, and jackets, you can create so many different combinations that vary minimally but are dramatically different!  

So have some fun with my capsule wardrobe and think about how you would do it differently. 

Drawcord Shirt JacketButton Detail PopoverRelaxed JeansNappa LoafersPerfect Tote

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