step into spring with five wardrobe essentials

  1. Kim says:

    Great photos and plenty of inspiration! Can you tell me more about the handbag in the first photo? Looks like hand-tooled leather, but not sure. Thanks!

  2. Eve says:

    You look amazing in these outfits. I can’t wear most but I’m happy to see someone wear jumpsuits, tucked in tops, short skirts etc. at a certain age. You have a great figure. You definitely keep it classic but modern.

  3. Maribeth conklin says:

    The black knit one piece jumpsuit might be my favorite look on you. Makes you look really tall and lean. Quite elegant.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Thank you! The jumpsuit trend definitely isn’t for me but see it everywhere! Enjoy your posts – always great tidbits 😃

  5. Susan says:

    Looking like spring! I am interested in knowing more about the bold gold medallion necklace in the A-line skirt section. I have been searching for one that catches my eye like yours did. Thank you!

  6. love them all.
    Love your hair when is longer

  7. Lori says:

    Hi I think I have your red skirt in navy from Talbots from a few years ago. I really love the way it fits. Maybe I’ll get a leg wax& wear it on Easter! Keep up the good work, I’m retired and I enjoy your casual but put together outfits. I know you’re not a plus size but some of us are. Try to incorporate companies that sell plus size clothes . We shouldn’t be left out

  8. Mary says:

    I’m on board with everything BUT the jumpsuit. Nope. Can’t do it

  9. Connie says:

    Thanks for sharing these great outfits. I have a few jumpsuits in my closet that I had forgotten about. I’m going to pull them out.
    I love the outfit with the red skirt and camo t-shirt. What are the sandals that you have on? I love them.

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