wear it now, wear it later denim shorts

  1. Love all of them, but the one with the navy blazer is my favorite!!!
    Thank you once again combinations

  2. I love the casual modern look of the denim shorts and blazer. I love blazers.
    When the temps get cooler that is what I reach for, as a cover up.
    Love your makeup and your dewy bright look. Do you use a highlighter or something else on your checks to gt that look? Brand that you use, please, Thanks

  3. Stacey says:

    I would never think of pairing a black blazer with denim shorts. Love it!

  4. Nancy says:

    Love the blazer and denim shorts look. Very classy! Thank you, Beth

  5. Francesca B. says:

    Beautiful look Beth love it! And l so pleased you had a lovely break.

  6. Gayle Johnson says:

    I have 2 pairs of shoes like your red ones. I bought tan and loved so much that I got a black pair. Most comfortable shoes ever!

  7. Karla says:

    The blazer outfit feels so french: the jacket very “Balmain”, and the shoes reference Chanel. You look marvelous.

  8. Sue Scholz says:

    I particularly love the look with the blazer!!! So refreshing to see the great ideas you have for trendy older ladies.

  9. Linda H says:

    WOW I really like the blazer w/ the denim shorts! I cannot say I would have thought to put these items together. However, I very well may create this look! The sunglasses are a great suggestion too! Thank you for making me think beyond my “normal look”!!!

  10. Esthy Szatmary says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to wear shorts again. I’m 68 years old, and thanks to you feel very confident and cool in 10″ shorts

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