top 10 shoes for fall and winter | the sunday brief

  1. carolyn says:

    Your article on shoes was just what I needed. Would you consider doing one
    on handbags also? Your handbags are always on point. I’d love some inspiration from you. Thank you.
    As always, you look wonderful!

  2. Kathy says:

    I love your style! Maybe I’ve missed it, but it would be so helpful if you would also feature attractive shoes that are in the “comfort” category. Many of your mature fans would be most appreciative!!

  3. Bonnie fraser says:

    Have you ever worn Ron White’s boots or shoes?
    Made in Italy but a Canadian designer. Apparently the Royals wear them also our Prime Minister’s wife. So comfortable & stylish.

  4. Linda Lennon says:

    Hi Beth! Love all your choices! My Tory Burch ballet flats were sure worth every penny & have transitioned very well from NY to SoCal. How about a post on casual, slip on sneakers? I own a black Vionic pair, a navy Talbots and a neutral Skechers and seem to reach for those all winter long here. Since you shop so much better than I do, I would love to see what you find!

  5. Janice says:

    Beautiful as always!

  6. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, I think I’ve got most of the shoes/boots you’ve shown in your post. All are so versatile to wear with all outfits. A thumbs up xoxo

  7. Cathy Cunningham says:

    Love every one of your top 10 choices. ❤️

  8. Susan says:

    Beth the ootd with you in the lace dress
    printed wrap and nude pumps, takes my breath away! You look stunning!!!

    Finished my prep week Faster Way to Fat Loss, no gluten, no dairy and IF, not as difficult as I thought it would be. Thank you for posting, it was a push for me to join!

  9. Carrie says:

    Beth, you are my inspiration! You look fabulous in these shoes and coordinated outfits. I have 5 of the shoes you have shown. Do I have permission to go and buy the rest?

  10. Clara says:

    Great, I just order some loafers

  11. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for all the time you put into writing this article.
    The lace dress with the orange floral wrap is one of my all time favorite looks of yours. Just lovely!

  12. Margarita says:

    Today’s blog is just perfect for those of us who are shoe lovers! 👠 ❤️ Thanks.

  13. adrienne says:

    Gorgeous!! I want to look like you when I grow up😉. (I’m 54😂)

  14. Susan Storrs says:

    I have noticed the return of the square toe and a movement away from the pointy toe shoe. Is that a trend?

  15. Pj says:

    Did you cut your hair? Although I wear a bob like the one you were wearing, I find the shorter look on you is amazing. We both have gray hair and I would love to go shorter, but with the shape of my face it just doesn’t work for me. Really just didn’t know if these where new or older pictures.
    Have a Blessed Day

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i cut my hair shorter over two months ago. but today’s post is from the archives so lot’s of photos from different time periods.
      take care!

  16. Theresa Rollin says:

    Hi Beth,
    I love receiving your ‘ style at a certain age ‘ news every day. You are a glamorous small lady, always showing us mature gals clothes that would look nice on us. Unfortunately, some of us wear plus sizes Would it be possible to show us some clothes and boots, that are also available in plus sizes? I, and many ladies would appreciate that. I like the Talbot’s clothes and jewelry that you show. I tried ordering, but, they don’t ship to Canada.
    Take care and be safe.
    Theresa from Quebec, Canada

  17. Kathleen McDermott says:

    Very helpful post, especially with the outfits featured. I have an appalling amount of footwear and am often overwhelmed when trying to pick the best shoe for an outfit. This will help me focus. I adore ballet flats, and would add oxfords as #11!

  18. Paula says:

    Hi Beth; Love all your shoe/boot pics!! Wondering what your thoughts are on Dansko clogs?? I find they look great with preppy outfits!! Thanks!!

  19. Tina says:

    My favorite pair was the motorcycle boots! I’m seeing a lot of combat boots in our stores. I think it’s fun to see an older woman in combat boots. It’s stylish and says I don’t really care what you think! Ha! I think I’m just too self conscience as I get older. I would love to see you style some. 🙂

  20. Nelda M Pattillo says:

    Loved them all! I have had a love affair with shoes as long as I can remember! Any chance of a segment on purses? Also a favorite!!

  21. Beverly Morris says:

    Beth… your style and tenacity….. I’m 68 yrs old, but I want to be like you when I grow up..😊

    Try as I might, I have not been able to find the VC suede knee high boots in this article. I’ve tried the Nordstrom site to no avail. I’m trying to lower my heels this year and those seem perfect.

    Pls help and thank you. Beverly/ATL

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