timeless classic | trench coat

  1. donnanance says:

    Great selection of trench coats! The most interesting one is your dad’s. Love that you have kept it and treasure it. Have a good trip to Boston. It’s going to be summer hot here…ugh…

  2. Rebecca Saffer says:

    I’ve been thinking about adding a trench coat to my wardrobe and you’ve given us some great choices here. I love your dad’s coat – what fabulous style there! Many years ago, I bought a Burberry trench in a microfiber type fabric in soft grey. Unfortunately, I purchased it too large for me and it became too big to be flattering so I gave it to a friend. Now I can’t afford a Burberry – oh well there are other cute ones!

  3. Imastounded says:

    I love the modern fitted trench coats that flatter waistlines, especially the animal print one.

    Alas, It’s time for down parkas and boots tomorrow, because snow is on the way. If the Great White Fire Extinguisher puts outs some forest fires, it’s all good.

  4. Sue Smith says:

    I just got back from NYC and one night it rained a good bit. I was very glad i had a trench with me. And my favorite trusty umbrella from Blunt. These all look fabulous. I got myself a khaki green trench a few years ago that I’ve gotten fond of. Hope the sun comes out for you in Bean Town.

  5. maggymay says:

    What a varied selection of trench coats! I would love to hear more about finding a color of “khaki” or whatever one names the traditional trench color (beige, khaki, etc.) because some tones are more flattering to certain complexions. I have trouble reading the tones of such colors.

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