date a deux

  1. donnanance says:

    This outfit is fabulous on you and all the pretty detailing sets it aside from ordinary. Although, I don’t think I’ve seen you wear “ordinary”, only chic and fun. Classical music soothes the soul. My eleven year old granddaughter started playing cello in her middle school’s orchestra and that is a very soothing instrument. xoxo

    • beth djalali says:

      aren’t you the sweetest! love that your granddaughter picked the cello. it might be cumbersome to transport to and from school, but boy what a beautiful instrument.

  2. DriftwoodLover says:

    Lovely look! And here I was thinking I needed to temper my bright pinks and corals in fall . . .

  3. Rebecca Saffer says:

    The concert sounds like it was delightful. In my 20’s, I began to love classical music and still do. Your outfit is beautiful. In an age of mass production and removal of many clothing details (because of cost effectiveness), it is difficult to find unique and well made clothing. I recommend a wonderful book “The Lost Art of Dress” by Dr. Linda Przybszewski (a professor at Notre Dame). She writes about the history of stylish clothing in this country and the teachers of Home Economics that taught this subject.

    • beth djalali says:

      thanks, for the book suggestion, rebecca. it sounds fascinating. and i always love to dig a little deeper into the history of fashion and how things came into being.

  4. Just did a post about pink, and here you go proving that pink is not just for babies and old ladies. You look fabulous!

  5. N Moss says:

    Like the dress but I think you should mention the $995 price tag. Do you really purchase everything you feature? I think your post showing the versatility of pieces are worthwhile.

  6. Sue Smith says:

    Sounds like a great concert! Love seeing the instruments on the stage. I agree–a college or university town is fabulous, because you often have a kind of small-town feel, but the academic community affords cultural amenities of a more cosmopolitan area. Duke is the same way here where I work. Pretty look!

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