the sunday brief | how to go gray

  1. Your hair is gorgeous. Thanks for all of the styling & product tips, since I’ve just begun the gray journey about 6 months ago it’s helpful to know what products are best for gray hair. I was a bit resistant at first, but my trusted hairdresser convinced me that it would look great. I still have a little stain in my hair from all those years of color, but I’m pretty much down to my natural hair color and have been getting all kinds of compliments (only one person told me it makes me look older). It’s so easy and saves so much time at the hairdresser – I’m keeping it. Here’s to all of us of a certain age, whether we color or go natural, we are entering into our later years in style!

  2. Imastounded says:

    Your hair is beautiful, Beth.

  3. Sophia Britner Montgomery says:

    Kick up the shine with a weekly shampoo from Clairol Shimmer Lights. And I now swear by Kiehl’s silk groom after every shampoo. A tiny drop goes a long way as a $26 tube lasts me about 6 months.
    Love your short hair! Grey needs to be classic or funky, otherwise can turn matronly on a dime.

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