the sunday brief | how to find a hair stylist

  1. bonnieblue031 says:

    Glad you found a stylist, it is a very difficult process. I’d like a more fashionable haircut but I have not found a stylist that recommends anything they just do what I want to do. What I want is their expertise and style recommendations. I will find that stylist. Just takes time.

  2. Sharon Wilgenburg says:

    You look fabulous, Beth! Thank you for sharing this long-awaited information. As it happens, I’m trying a new stylist on Wednesday. I decided to embrace my waves and curls, so I’ve been letting my hair grow since February, so hopefully the new person will have something to work with. 🙂

  3. Aly H says:

    Beth, I have similar story: prematurely gray, “had to color” starting at 22, add decades of coloring, :::insert scream::: LOL
    2018: I stopped fighting it. I have ever bit as much gray as you and I’m 46. I’m rocking a pixie.

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