the sunday brief | talbots friends and family

  1. Mary Crossland says:

    I Love the picture of you and your sons…very handsome!

  2. Janice Harper Jones says:

    Again you have proven classics never go out of style! Any of these outfits could be worn today! You sure have handsome sons. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful information. I believe you just might be my favorite blogger, especially on Fridays as I am a big lover of animals! Thanks again!

  3. Sue Smith says:

    Agree! I’m also a Talbots fan–and you’re so right–they are classic. And typically they last forever, which is great. Fun to see your trip down memory lane. That does look like Riverwalk.

  4. Madlyn Powell says:

    You look the same! I love Talbots too.

  5. Rebecca Saffer says:

    What a delightful trip down memory lane (your sons are so handsome!) I must say Beth, that you have grown in beauty over the years and your style has always been terrific. You seem to have known, even as a young woman, what looks good on you.

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