fridays with oscar | spring refresh

  1. Mary Crossland says:

    Besides Beth and fashion…Oscar and Ollie are always favs!

  2. Rebecca Saffer says:

    This post makes me laugh out loud and puts a smile on my face. How adorable are Oscar and Ollie – just about as cute as my kitty Toby “Tobias”! I also appreciate the bedding tips and had never thought of West Elm as a place to shop for these items. I will definitely check that out as well as the pillow options.
    Thanks Beth and have a great weekend!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi rebecca! i honestly hadn’t thought of west elm for bedding before either. but i am impressed! and i’m happy to hear you have a great helper too. nothing quite like our four-legged friends.
      hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  3. Sue Smith says:

    We do love our flannel sheets in the winter, but cotton in the summer is good with me. West Elm has great items–I’ll have to check these out. I was just recently saying I might look into a new pillow, so thanks for the heads up there. And I like Mr Style’s pillow! Happy Friday to your gang!

  4. Maria João says:

    You have two great helpers, I can see that! I know what it feels like, trying to make a fresh bed with two pets (mine are two dogs).

  5. Lesley Watson says:

    I have similar problems making my bed,’cept my helpers are small canines. They also keep feet warm in winter. Love the 4 legged kids. BTY have you ever read any “Cat in the stacks mysteries”? One of the main characters is a 37# Maine Coon cat. I imagine Ollie is much like Diesel. Fun books to read.

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