sunday style | 6 iconic essentials for american classic style

  1. Terry Cornelius Corley says:

    Thank you for the interesting info, Beth! Question……the black loafers in the tshirt photo….source, please? My black loafers need to be put to rest but cannot find replacement.

  2. Rebecca Saffer says:

    Terrific video – I am also a history buff, especially about American style, department stores and manners. I love your chosen examples of American classic style and have all of them in my closet (except for the Raybans). Recently, I discovered a Frye store in NYC’s Soho area and purchased a great pair of suede gladiator type sandals. The best part, for me, was walking into the store because it actually smelled like a leather store. In the fall, I will definitely return for a pair of boots.

  3. Suzy Kay says:

    Hi Beth. I just love the way you have styled the large black gray and white scarf. Is there any chance you could do a post on styling with scarves.
    Many thanks
    Sue Kay

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