spring arrivals JC Penney

  1. Mudra says:

    I love so many of your looks. I would love to see you partner with The Walking Company and to show us how to style outfits with “comfort” shoes. I can wear nearly all of their shoes and nearly no one else’s.

    • ALI says:

      Have you tried Vionic shoes? They are fabulous and a little more stylish than The Walking Company. I am wearing some cute flat mules that look like Gucci.

  2. Violet L O'Brien says:

    Hi, Love these outfits! Brought to mind that I have a sleeveless tunic, on the flowy side. I don’t wear sleeveless without something over it. Question….what length sweater or shrug should I wear? Any help will be much appreciated.

  3. Claire Neubauer says:

    I’m wondering if you removed the shoulder pads for the tweed jacked from Penney’s? Did you order your regular size. I ordered the jacked but the shoulder pads seems unusually large. I do love it with the jeans and yelllow blouse.

  4. Shawn Johnson says:

    I have found some stylish tops on a recent shopping trip to JC Penney’s. I wore one of the tops to work yesterday and received a lot of compliments. My husband remarked on the top twice about how wonderful it looked on me. Cannot beat the prices at JC Penneys either!

  5. Jan Hemelstrand says:

    I love all your looks and the way you put pieces together. You really pull off so well what some of us cannot: fashionable shoes!

    Do you ever wear “comfort” shoes such as Naot or Reiker? These days some comfort lines have upped their game with styles that don’t shout GRANDMA like they used to. Birkenstocks are even back among the fashionable.

    Many times an outfit can fall flat without the right shoes. What tips do you have for those of us who cannot wear more than an inch heel or pointy toes?

  6. TK says:

    You make all clothing look beautiful. I nearly always click the links. But I hesitate to buy the actual garments because of variable sizing. Would you please consider telling us readers what sizes you are wearing like some other bloggers do? The sizing info on most websites is pretty minimal and often not keyed to the specific garment. It would be some helpful.

  7. JCP is one of the few local stores with styles that fit and flatter my petite size. Loving Liz Claiborne and Worthington. Gloria Vanderbilt also a favorite.

  8. sharon says:

    Beth, absolutely stunning! Color, color, color! This will inspire all of us to shop for spring. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Renata says:

    Stunning colors! Everything always looks great on you dear Beth. You are my style icon:). Renata xo

  10. Jane says:

    You look simply stunning in yellow! The outfit with the tweed jacket, yellow blouse, jeans, and royal sandals is by far my favorite! I would replicate that it a heartbeat.

  11. Donna Beckmann says:

    I agree. “It’s an outfit made in heaven!”

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