nordstrom anniversary haul

  1. mississippian says:

    I think you should send back the Eileen Fisher color block sweater. It does nothing to showoff your cute figure!

    • Imastounded says:

      I agree. Show your shape, girl!

      • beth djalali says:

        well, thanks, ladies, for all your sweet comments! but i’m checking back in with you in january when the cold winter winter winds are blowing. xo

    • Katie Sullivan says:

      I agree. That sweater really isn’t the best. It may be the cream block right at your hips.

      • mississippian says:

        I was actually talking about the first Eileen Fisher sweater, but looking at your comment and then back at the cardigan you are talking about, I agree!

      • beth djalali says:

        thanks for your input, katie! but i don’t always buy clothes based on if they help me look slimmer or not. sometimes, comfort comes first and this cardigan will be perfect on a cold winter night! xo

    • beth djalali says:

      thanks for the compliment! but during the cold winter months it’s nice to slip into a long cardigan that will keep you toasty warm. just sayin’. xo

      • mississippian says:

        Well, you asked what we thought about the Eileen Fisher color block sweater and I just gave you my honest opinion. I think you can find some sweaters that keep you warm and are a little bit more flattering. I now live in the Cleveland, Ohio area so I know all about keeping toasty warm in the winter, fall, spring, and sometimes, even summer!

  2. Sue Smith says:

    These are all nice looks! I like them all. Go for the coat–that’s unique and timeless with a twist in that collar. And I like the Eileen Fisher pieces, too. I tend to think neutrals when I think of that brand, but I like the pops of color with the color blocks in these. Worn over close-fit pants, I think it’s cute. Love that window pane skirt and top. Classic. You did great–will you keep them all?!

    • beth djalali says:

      no, i won’t keep them all. i loved the striped top, michael stars blouson top and the window pane skirt that i will exchange for a smaller size. and the ralph lauren coat is mine all mine. i love him! xo

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