Zuvi Halo, Award-Winning Hair Care for Healthy Hair

  1. Pam says:

    I think the current hair style that you have is very stylist and looks great on you. The shape of your face and the cut also highlights your eyes. Fantastic look!

  2. Roberta White says:

    Your new hair style looks great. I have been with you since the beginning in San Francisco, where I also lived. Personally, I have preferred the shorter style on you. As you said, more like the beginning of the blog. Like Halle Berry has evolved over the years, this shorter style suits you and her the best!
    Following your lead I have let my hair go natural silver and it’s short. Get many compliments, as I’m sure you do, too

  3. Linda Stovall says:

    This is my favorite of your hairstyles!

  4. Brenda Mowbray says:

    You hair always looks really nice and I agree a low heat hair dryer is best even when I am impatient!
    I use Aveda products and they work for my fine short hair. I do switch the different Aveda products around so my hair has a change.
    I have awful looking normal hair mousy grey so I get my Aveda stylist to colour it.

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