Color Pop for Petites

  1. Carla says:

    Hi, Beth!
    Oh, how I can relate to the deer creating devastation.
    I have found that they don’t eat gardenias, variegated shell ginger, flax lily, holly bushes, lantana, loropetalum, society garlic and coontie.
    When a new herd comes through, they’ll take a nibble of the shell ginger and spit it out.
    It has taken many years to get to the point where my yard has plants–not nubs.

    • Hi Carla, I will have to look into the plants you mention. Thanks so much for your suggestions! xo Kelly

      • SC Lady says:

        Great outfit. Although I am not a Petite, I am ordering pants in a Tall!!!
        “Southern Living” magazine is a great resource for gardening. I have read about deer resistant plants online and in the print issues.

        • Hello SC Lady! I am so glad you’re going for these pants! I think you will love them! I love Grumpy’s column in Southern Living. Every month, it’s the first thing I look for in the magazine! Our deer are pretty unpredictable. All the things I have tried that are supposedly deer resistant have proven not to be 🙁 I think if they get hungry enough, they’ll go for things they normally wouldn’t bother with. Thanks for stopping by! xo Kelly

  2. Nancy says:

    Cute outfit! I love the color combo. Although I’m a petite at 5″1, I prefer regular length pants in most cases. An inseam of 27″ is perfect for me. I think if you’re a little curvy, the pants get “pulled up” by the curves making them too short. When pants have a nice stretch to them, I’ll order a petite and that works. It just depends on the fabric and the brand. It’s not easy! Lol!

    • Hi Nancy, Without knowing how much stretch you like in your fabric, I will say that these khakis have a bit of stretch to them. But also, You could get away with ordering them in regular sizing, since they are meant to be cropped, you might have a perfect hemline! I hope you give them a try! xo Kelly

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