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for the past several years, i’ve hosted a Christmas cookie exchange then shared snippets of the evening with you. this year things are a bit different, and the cookie exchange was put on hold until next year. darn! so no recipes to share this year. if you’re interested check out those posts from opens in a new window2018 and opens in a new window2019 for some inspiration!

last weekend i was a busy bee decorating the house both inside and out, and i couldn’t wait to share with you. ollie was so excited to see the boxes of ornaments unpacked and hung on the tree. now she’s in the process of batting them down… her favorite place to hang out the entire month of December is underneath the Christmas tree. now all i have to do is pick up after her every morning. thanks, ollie!

while i love the smell and look of a real Christmas tree, i’m soooo happy to have purchased this opens in a new windowfaux tree complete with lights from opens in a new windowMacy’s a few years ago. it’s so easy to assemble and only takes a few minutes.

opens in a new windowmercury trees are simple yet elegant. but mr. and mrs. reindeer, keep things fun! 

love to load up on holiday candles. opens in a new windowNest is my favorite brand.

pillows are an easy way to change the seasons in your room. opens in a new windowplaid pillows are perfect for the holidays. but i love, love, love how festive this opens in a new windowmerry pillow is. it brings a smile to my face every time i see it.

candles and opens in a new windowcandle rings are simple accessories that add visual interest to your room. the opens in a new windowbamboo buffet lamps are from opens in a new windowBallard Designs. a few opens in a new windowceramic houses interspersed with the candlesticks keep things visually interesting.

aren’t these opens in a new windowdesigner presents adorable? they are from opens in a new windowGrandin Road, a go-to online store that has loads of indoor and outdoor decor.

opens in a new windowtartan plaid pajamas. yes, please! what better way to greet the day than plaid? 

a opens in a new windowdough bowl and dough bowl wreath make the perfect farmhouse kitchen accent. both are from opens in a new windowBallard Designs.

more pillows! lots more pillows.

the opens in a new windowwreath is from Grandin Road purchased several years ago. the vintage bell swag (sold out opens in a new window here) from Ballard Designs. the sled and Noel plaque are older decorations.



again, the pots, urns and urn fillers are from my go-to store opens in a new windowGrandin Road.

i hope you enjoyed the mini-Christmas tour. peace and blessings to you and yours this magical season. 


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  1. Pj wrote:

    Don’t you use your fireplace?

    Posted 12.3.20
  2. RORY wrote:

    Very pretty and classy. Not too over done. Love the decorations.

    Posted 12.3.20
  3. Gloria wrote:

    The decorations are elegant and festive! I like how you were able to keep an overall sense of matching a theme while collecting over multiple years. Even though they were purchased at different times, they are cohesive.

    Posted 12.3.20
  4. Linda Pietrucha wrote:

    Wow, you really are an inspiration. thank you for all the wonderful ideas, as well as style of dress. , Linda Pietrucha

    Posted 12.3.20
  5. Julie Mycock wrote:

    Hi Beth, how lovely everything looks, I love your tree. We are putting our decorations up this weekend, I’ve bought some red candles and some new large pine cones for this year. I admired your Christmas cushions last year so I’ve bought some new for this year too. You alaaysngive me inspiration, thank you xx

    Posted 12.3.20
  6. Rita wrote:

    Love your site and read it everyday. In today’s posting, 12/3/2020. The link for the tartan plaid pajamas took me to Grandin Road. Wonderful products, but no pjs. Where can I purchase the pajamas? Merry Christmas!

    Posted 12.3.20
  7. Marcie wrote:

    Lovely Christmas decorations. Great ideas for next year. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 12.3.20
  8. Eve wrote:

    Just beautiful, Beth. I love the little glass presents and those bunnies just fit right in don’t they? It’s just so much to see. I’ll have to revisit often during the season. It’s inspiring. I clicked on the site and saw so many things I would love to buy. Hope your Ollie minds his manners but a cat is a cat and that’s that.

    Posted 12.3.20
  9. Carol wrote:

    Love the decorations! We also had two cats for almost 20 yrs and they both loved sitting under our faux tree. We always figured they thought we couldn’t see them!

    Posted 12.3.20
  10. Andrea wrote:

    Beautifully done, Beth. Red is the quintessential colour to brighten a winter celebration and this year we need as much red as possible. We usually decorate the tree with cookies for the grands. This year, as they can’t visit and my hips have laid down the law, so there will only be Gingerbread men on the tree. Olie would love that 😉

    Posted 12.3.20
  11. Deb wrote:

    Your house looks so pretty, Beth! Thank you for sharing your ideas and pics!

    Posted 12.3.20
  12. Julie wrote:

    Hi Beth,
    I love your decorations. So pretty and festive.

    When I read about Ollie, I had to smile. We had a lab/pointer mix several years ago who knocked ornaments off the tree. One Christmas Eve, we came home from Church and not only had he taken the ornaments off the tree, he had knocked it over AND peed on it. I guess he was mad we didn’t take him to church with us. Makes Ollie look like an angel.

    Merry Christmas, Julie

    Posted 12.3.20
  13. I like your Christmas decor. Good job!

    Posted 12.3.20
  14. Mary C wrote:

    Everything is so pretty and festive. It made me happy just scrolling through the post.!

    Posted 12.3.20

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