fridays with oscar | espresso martini and raspberry oat bars

  1. Sharon Neely says:

    Hello dear Beth,
    Always a treat to see you and Oscar! love the recipes and OOTD!
    Christmas and New Years blessings to you!


  2. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    You are lovely inside and out, Beth. Sweet (no pun intended!) post today. Love the sweater and those shoes!! The close up of you and Oscar is simply wonderful. Two sweet (there’s that word again…so fitting!) faces sending love out to us. Hope you, Oscar, and all of your family feel the love we readers send right back at you~

  3. sandi schellhase says:

    Great cookie recipe. It had me right when I saw the Pillsbury cookie dough mix. How easy is this! Going right out and buying those ingredients.

  4. Eve says:

    Beautiful sweater! I love the classic look of the shirt underneath. There’s just something about plaid at Christmas. I will try these cookies for sure. They are quick and easy and few ingredients. What did we do before Baileys? I use it in something every Christmas. This year I will use it in my brownies. The new Mocha Slide flavor. Make a blaze for top too.

  5. Maura says:

    I love Aran/Irish sweaters and the one you have on is beautiful. I’ve purchased sweaters both in Ireland and here in the US. Wearing them is like having a giant hug

  6. Lyn says:

    Oh, I forgot about those espresso martinis – I made up a big batch last year, and we all loved them. I’ve got to check my stash of liquors right now!

  7. VALERIA says:

    Hi Beth,
    Love your Fridays with Oscar! But are you sure the recipe for the Espresso Martini calls for 1/4 cup of vodka along with the 2 oz of Baileys per serving?
    That’s a mighty strong drink !
    Just checking..
    Happy Holidays !! V

  8. Anne Sarphie says:

    I really hope you mean “flour” and not “flower”!

  9. Lesa says:

    Hi Beth!

    I love this post! Your outfit is adorable and your home so warm and cozy! I want to thank you for your closing words to all of those dealing with the loss of a loved one. I lost my mom this year. She was truly my best buddy! I am 57 and she was 80 when she passed. We were two peas in a pod. My BFF forever. How lonely my life is without her. She was beautiful inside and out. This year has been the hardest year of my life. I, however, found comfort in your words. For that, I am so grateful!

    Happy Friday!

    Your faithful follower,

    Lesa Milders

  10. Andrea says:

    Mmmm, hand knitted 💝. You might be interested in the tale of the Terrible knitters of Dent – terrible meaning excellent. My UK sister and her daughter’s mum, knitted over 300 teddy bears one year for a fund raiser. Her derail is amazing. We have an Irish Store here, so will have to go and fondle their goods 😉.

    The good thing about those raspberry bars is that the fibre from the Oates and berries pretty much negates the calories. 🎁. Stay warm and safe, Beth 🥂

  11. tina says:

    Love your outfits, recipes, and of course Oscar. Wondering if you have had your colours done and if so what colour ‘season’ you are.

  12. Joyce Kennard says:

    May I ask, what brand and shade are you wearing in the pictures, So very pretty on you. Thanks

  13. Linda V says:

    I made the expresso martini but found expresso was too strong for my taste. next time i will just substitute coffee instead

  14. Judith M. says:

    Just made your Raspberry Oat Bars for my birthday. They are fabulous! And so easy to make. We love them. Do you recommend refrigerating them after, or storing in a sealed container room temperature? Can’t wait to make another batch.

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