makeup tips for the mature woman

today, i’m so happy to introduce jennifer duvall. jennifer is a talented makeup artist with over fifteen years experience who will share a few makeup tips for the mature woman. jennifer also runs a light hearted makeup artist beauty blog by the name of  opens in a new windowJennySue Makeup. jennifer graciously took time from her busy schedule, (yes, she’s mom to three growing children) to share her expertise with me. have you ever felt that your current makeup routine looked drab and needed a boost? me too! which is why i headed over to jennifer’s studio for a little mini-makeover.
makeup tips for the mature woman
makeup tips for the mature woman.
makeup tips for the mature woman
but before we get to that video let’s learn a bit more about this talented woman i’m happy to call my friend.
makeup tips for the mature woman
first, here are jennifer’s thoughts about her craft:
Working with my clients in person and creating looks for their individual needs for whatever event/project/production/wedding never gets old! My top priority is always to fulfill my client’s vision. No matter what that vision might be from classic + timeless, to super dramatic and bold, or even the most natural, I want every look I create to be memorable. 
makeup tips for the mature woman
second, you will want to follow jennifer on opens in a new windowInstagram. why? this woman has an arsenal of beauty tips she shares every day with her readers. and does this girl know her products or what?
makeup tips for the mature woman
makeup tips for the mature woman
makeup tips for the mature woman
makeup tips for the mature woman.
makeup tips for the mature woman
are you ready to get know jennifer a little bit better? 
Jennifer, are you over or under the age of 40?
Yes I’m over the age of 40 – 41.5 to be exact!! 
Favorite breakfast?
Cheese grits with turkey bacon and a biscuit with jelly – yummy
Go-to drink?
Sweet Tea for daytime – Pinot Grigio at night time
Can’t cook without?
Pinterest – seriously the only way I figure out recipes and how to cook stuff!
Favorite Ingredient?
Cheese – I would like cheese to be in all my dishes!
Fashion Idols?
Jennifer Lopez – 50 & fab! 
Gwen Stefani – rock and roll chic! 
Julie Sarinana (sincerelyjules on Insta) – boho hip vibe
Most worn out shoes?
Black thin ankle strapped sandals that I refuse to throw away because they go with everything!!  Not even a well known brand! 
Favorite dishes?
Macaroni + Cheese 
Writing implement?
 I’d probably say my laptop gets the most action in terms of writing stuff 🙂 
Favorite sport?
I don’t like playing sports personally, but I like watching my kids play the game of soccer and golf! But if my kids aren’t involved, I’d say I’ll only sit through a college football game!
thanks so much, jennifer for stopping by!
makeup tips for the mature woman
are you ready for a makeup tutorial aimed at the mature woman? you won’t want to miss jennifer’s tips. or this video.

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  1. Linda wrote:

    Great tips! I’ve been in a funk about my makeup, or lack there of and I loved this post. Since I have gone totally gray, or white to most people, my vision of my made up face is totally off. I’ve been experimenting with inexpensive lip colors which has just confirmed my belief that you get what you pay for and I will never complain about a $25 lipstick again. Going to check out those It foundations.

    Posted 8.29.19
  2. ByrdieK wrote:

    I loved this tutorial! Beautiful enhancing makeup. Question…what mirror were you holding? Was it lighted? Looks like a nice, lightweight mirror to use and travel with.

    Posted 8.29.19
  3. Janelle wrote:

    Great post, Beth. Love the tutorial and the finished product looks fantastic! Interesting that she did your eyes first. I’ve always done them last. What was her reasoning to do them in that order? I definitely want to try the new-to-me face products.

    Posted 8.29.19
  4. Esperanza Parga Tiscareño wrote:

    I like your post Beth. Simply beatiful. Greetings from México.

    Posted 8.29.19
  5. Erink wrote:

    Wow! One of the best tutorials I’ve seen. Great tips!

    Posted 8.29.19
  6. Bobbi Jo wrote:

    Love the video. You look beautiful. I do have question…what color of nail polish are you wearing in the video? I loved it!

    Posted 8.29.19
  7. Sue wrote:

    Wow, what a great look, Beth! Thanks for sharing your session and the make-up tips💕💕💕!

    Posted 8.29.19
  8. Lin Taylor wrote:

    LOTS of great tips! Thank you for a very informative and fun post.

    Posted 8.29.19
  9. Janis wrote:

    Good tips. Some I was already doing, but not all. Thanks for posting this video.

    Posted 8.29.19
  10. Robin wrote:

    Great video! How do we contact Jennifer ny phone?I will be in Athens soon and want to get with her.

    Posted 8.29.19
  11. Lesa Milders wrote:

    Love this video! Great tips! What is the blush color you’re wearing. So pretty and looks wonderful with your hair color. Hope you’re doing well Beth! Your look is lovely!

    Posted 8.30.19
  12. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    She used some dark shades, but she did a great job of delicately applying them, so you have a nice soft look. I like what she did with your brows. They frame your face but don’t scream “Brow.” I had to smile because when I had my total knee replacement surgeries, my surgeon said the same thing to me–he was indicating that each knee can be a totally different experience, and he said to “remember, your knees are sisters, but they’re not twins.” ;))

    Posted 8.30.19
  13. Gray wrote:

    All I can say is that I wish I lived in Atlanta so I could get an appointment with Jennifer!!

    Posted 8.30.19
  14. Shar wrote:

    Pretty, pretty! Thank you for this great post – I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in such a rut, particularly about my eye makeup application. So many good tips. Thank you for this great post.

    Posted 8.31.19
  15. Karin MacKinnon wrote:

    Such a great video! Full of useful advice.

    Posted 8.31.19
  16. Helen Smithers wrote:

    Hi Beth, My sister and I both follow you! What a great tutorial and the result looks great on you. Cheers, Helen

    Posted 8.31.19

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