fridays with oscar

  1. Janie Nichols says:

    So, I just watched your packing video! Thanks for the 1-6 rule! We are traveling to London In October and, of course, I was interested in what you had to say. I was wondering if you had any additional tips for international travel or tips for London in October. I have researched the weather and know the temps are going to be quite cool. Some bloggers have suggested a heavy coat and others say a jacket. Have you been to Europe in the fall? I have been planning for my color palette-olive and black with burgundy accents. Thanks for any feedback and suggestions.

    My kids live in Athens and I will me there this weekend to cheer on the Dawgs!

  2. Rebecca Saffer says:

    Love the blue and yellow flowerpot. Oscar looks like the king of the yard!. Good luck on your upcoming trip to Boston. I will follow along on IG.

  3. Michele Ratcliff says:

    Just watched your video! Great ideas. What brand is your suitcase?

  4. Zann says:

    I found if I have a piece of cardboard or foamcore cut the size of the interior (minus an inch or two each side) and then close the compression straps, the top items stay less wrinkled. The cardboard distributes the force of the strap so there are no wrinkles. The cardboard or foamcore is very lightweight and doesn’t add to the overall suitcase weight but really saves wrinkling on the top item.

  5. Sue Smith says:

    Good travel tips. As someone who’s always on the road, I can relate, and incorporate a lot of these tips myself. My favorite is the wrinkle release spray–great idea! Have a wonderful trip to Boston! I love Boston.

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