florals and raincoats for spring

  1. Robin Hillyer Miles says:

    Good morning –

    I’m so happy to see that Susan Boyer’s book is being presented at your book club tonight!
    I love that scarf, it gives off great 70s vibes to me.
    It’s rainy in the SC Lowcountry today and above 70 degrees so your outfit is almost perfect for our weather too.

    In SC, the state urges everyone and will sometimes pay you to pull up/cut down/get rid of Bradford pear trees, they’re pretty but super invasive and harmful to other tree species!

    • Ruth says:

      So so hard to think of spring when it’s minus 27 with the windchill here in Alberta. Love your outfit of the day and I know spring will get here eventually but for now it’s still puffer coats and boots.

    • Anita says:

      Love 💗 the pink today! You look great- always inspire me to look my bed each day. Thank you for all your great posts.

  2. Sarah says:

    Love pink, love navy, love them together. This is a great ootd but with snow in our forecast thinking a rain jacket isn’t what I need, but the color combo might be a perfect pick me up!
    Thanks Beth for reminding me that spring will eventually arrive in the NE

  3. LIke you Beth, I love pink. Such a cute
    and casual outfit for a rainy or cool spring day. I have to find some navy flats
    though. Ones you referenced are not in my size. Pink and navy look so cute

  4. Carroll says:

    Your hair looks really pretty in this post!

  5. Andrea says:

    Well – like Ruth from Alberta, Manitoba had -37 feel like -47 weather warning last night 🤣 Beautiful brilliant blue sky this morning with Sun Dogs. So, eth, your post is a truly welcome one. Although, on the prairies, our bout of super cold usually marks the end is near.

    Couldn’t wear pink previous to going grey, but this post has made me rethink that. I love soft powdery pinks and navy 🌷. Your scarf really makes that outfit come to life. I can hardly wait to break out my long, flowing scarves. Thank you, Beth, for this much needed truly cheerful and uplifting spring post.

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