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tonight we leave for europe! my bags are packed and I’m ready to go. the europe mini-series will officially kick off tomorrow with my travel outfit. but before our plane touches down let’s talk about fitness once again as many of you have asked if i will still follow FASTer Way to Fat Loss while vacationing.

the good news is after two consecutive rounds of FASTer Way to Fat Loss, i’ve learned how to burn fat and lose weight through carb cycling, tracking macros, and intermittent fasting. for those of you interested, the next 6-week online session starts May 21st. 

yours truly is taking a brief hiatus. don’t worry, as soon as our trip to europe wraps up i’m headed into the VIP program. after eating my way through france, italy and austria i’m fairly certain my body will thank me for kick-starting my fitness program upon my return. while on vacation, i’ll do my best to keep track of my macros but i know full well i’ll eat a chocolate croissant in paris, pasta in tuscany, and wienerschnitzel in vienna. intermittent fasting is a way of life these days so no problem there. but my exercise regimen will be cut back. no weight training or HIIT for two and a half weeks. although walking and more walking certainly counts as exercise! but, i’m giving myself grace while vacationing in europe. 

many of you have written and asked why i love FASTer Way to Fat Loss? for starters, it is a lifestyle, not a diet. this program run by mastermind Amanda Tress teaches how to fuel your body and maintain energy throughout the day while you naturally burn fat. it’s a proven method of restructuring and repairing your metabolic system and increasing your metabolism – something many of us struggle with since hitting menopause and beyond! but i did want to share two recent comments from readers who took the plunge and signed up for this amazing program.

Wanted to say, I joined this program on your say so. I am 72 and was both curious and skeptical. Must admit I am now a enthusiastic convert. The program is completely doable, portable, and possible to do at home. The beginner exercise program was manageable for me and I worked out in my small condo with no equipment other than hand weights. Daily accountability is another appreciated key to this program. I am in my last week of round 1. I am eating better, sleeping better and down both pounds and inches. Money well spent. Thanks for sharing this with us.

 I must thank you for telling us about the Faster way to Fat loss program. I watched your positive results and finally took the plunge and will now begin week 3. The eating program is great and am so surprised that the fasting isn’t a big deal. I don’t feel as obsessed about food. 

fat loss the faster way

FASTer Way to Fat Loss is extremely easy to follow and lays everything out step by step. during the 6-week program, you receive a full program guide complete with daily workouts, nutritional guidelines, webinars, meal plan information and access to a Facebook group to get all of your questions answered. 

fat loss the faster way

summer is a great time to exchange leggings for shorts. and while i’m at it a new sports bra is a good idea too. add on a split back tank top that’s all the rage these days (yes, there are trends even in the gym) and i’m ready to break a sweat in style. note that the split back top can either be worn loose or tied.

fat loss the faster way

sports bra | top | shorts | shoes

this photo was taken in january. my first step on my 2018 fitness journey. 

four months later i feel great and am truly amazed at what my body is capable of doing. each and every time i finish a sweaty workout i am so proud i made it to the end. these days, i can take just about anything that’s thrown at me at the gym. that in itself is a major victory.

fat loss the faster way


three reasons to love this program:

ONE – every detail is planned out for you. the online workouts have exact directions and links to watch the moves. but if you love working out at The Barre, or have another workout routine you’re used to like Spin Class or Pilates no problem. there are options, ladies, options. my workout routine consists of two sessions per week at Orange Theory the other three are spent in my home gym with Amanda (the mastermind behind FWTFL). the great thing about FASTer Way To Fat Loss is you can make it work with your lifestyle!

TWO – this is a lifestyle, not a diet. we use My Fitness Pal app to track calories and macros, but the mentality is progress, not perfection. the goal is to eat dairy free, grain free and gluten free as much as possible but again, there’s flexibility. do i have a cocktail or glass of wine on occasion? absolutely! do i have dessert on occasion? yes! as i mentioned, FASTerWayToFatLoss is a lifestyle change, not a diet. this program teaches how to cut fat and gain lean muscle while still living life to its fullest.

THREE – it is a proven system that helps women and men (yes, there is a program for men) lose fat. and there’s no age limit! actually, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of exercise as we age. the amount of muscle we lose each year is alarming. you’ve heard it said “use it or lose it.” it’s true! my goal is to live the best life possible at any age. and exercise is key.

registration is open for the next round that starts May 21st!  sign up here


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  1. theabrug wrote:

    Beth, I’m in week three…would you recommend going right into another 6 week cycle? I’ve not reached my goal…

    Posted 5.15.18
    • are you seeing results? i had noticeable changes by week three but hadn’t hit my goal. i signed up for two back-to-back rounds and was very happy i did. i just wanted to be grounded in the program before i flew solo so to speak. but i’m raring and anxious to join the VIP group as i’ve heard they really focus on the nutrition side of the program. i’ll keep you posted!

      Posted 5.15.18
  2. Sue Smith wrote:

    Good for you–you’ll probably not eat as much as you used to, having been on the program, too. At least that’s what I’ve found when I travel now. (Although I will admit, last time I was in Italy, I was on the quest for the perfect gelato.) Enjoy–you’re heading to great places. My email address is, after all, “loveitaly@….”

    Happy travels!!

    Posted 5.15.18

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