Essential Tops for the Men In Your Life

  1. Dodie Hall says:

    Beth, I am so thankful for this post! I am 73; my beloved husband is 81. We are active seniors and have a large family between us (6 kids, 9 grands, and looking forward to the great grands!).I love your blog! My greatest challenge is keeping my husband out of sweatshirts! He loves the ones he’s collected when we return to our hometown for balloon festival! It seems that so many people just give up as they age. I see men in particular wearing pants and tops that swallow them as they age. I’m determined to keep my adorable husband from looking like he’s drowning in his clothes. Alex’s post has given me some great ideas about how to do that! Thankful for you both!

  2. SUSAN says:

    Wecome Alex! I have followed your Mom and family for awhile and so happy to have some mens ideas. As a petite and cook I love Kelly’s posts! Thank you Beth for all you do amd share with us All!

  3. MJ says:

    Great article, Alex!
    I have three grown sons who all enjoy style and forwarded this to them!
    Thank you…

    • Alex Djalali says:

      I really appreciate you stopping by today. It’s all still a work-in-progress for me, but proving to be well worth it!

  4. sharon olsen says:

    Thank you Alex. Now I have a plan for the weekend, to spiff up my husband.
    Thanks again!

  5. Pam Mpls MN says:

    This is a great guide. Useful for my husband who is trying to keep his look current and my college age son who is working on creating his image.

  6. Nancy M. says:

    My husband is in his 60’s and an active runner. Problem is, he receives a free tee shirt from every race he runs, and that has become his everyday wear with sweatpants! Arggg!!!!
    I’m trying to “gently” turn the tide with gifts of clothing and subtle suggestions. This post helps with the basic essentials! Thank you!

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