stuck at home | top 5 fridays with oscar recipes

  1. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, thank you for sharing your lovely recipes with everyone and for the tips due to this coronavirus. I think most everyone are being sensible apart from the panic buying. I don’t know what’s it’s like in Atlanta but everyone is going crazy in England and there is no need for it. We should be supporting everyone in their community and shopping as normal so there is enough for everyone.
    You and your family stay safe also Julie from England

  2. Judy says:

    Thanks, Beth for keeping our spirits up. This is going to be hard.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for keeping us entertained and stocked with great clothing, food and cocktail ideas. Wishing you and your family safe passage through the current situation.

  4. Heather says:

    That Lowcountry boil sound super. Once I can get out to the grocery store again (just staying home until I really need something) I am going to give it a try. Thanks

  5. Jan says:

    While we might feel that there isn’t a lot we can do during this pause in our lives, there is a tremendous rush of kindness showing up all over.
    Thankyou for a sweet post today Beth! I can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

  6. Joy says:

    Sheet pan Boil definitely on the list to try-
    Forget getting the burner out, the propane, the huge boiling pot set up-
    We may hand those off to the kids

    The chicken celery boats on the list too

  7. Pam says:

    Many thanks to you and your wonderful family team to keep everything going. A true ray of sunshine.
    Wish you and yours all the best.

  8. Helen Wish says:

    Thank you Beth for the lovely ideas and recipes, life in Australia is a little mad at the moment….just like the rest of the world,.Good luck,and stay well and safe.

  9. Ali says:

    Oh, I am definitely in love with your Oscar. What a very handsome and stylish boy! He is Master Oscar Style!
    Thank you Beth. I love reading your posts. Wishing you and all your readers good health in these challenging times with the Coronavirus. A lot of us are in the more vulnerable age group.
    Stay safe everyone!

  10. Ann says:

    Loved this post with a round-up of your 5 favorites. For the locals in the FL Panhandle, life seems to be carrying on as usual (except for the toilet paper and food hoarding😊), but the vacationers are flocking to the beach because of extended school breaks and employers allowing the remote work opportunity.. These recipes will provide new ideas in the menu prep. I would love to see more posts with round ups of your favorites entrees.

  11. Rose says:

    I really enjoy your recipes!
    And I think Charlie is beautiful!

  12. Rose says:

    Good Grief! I meant OSCAR!

  13. Tami Kuenning says:

    Ok, Beth, you have are such an inspiration! I am a teacher and NOT used to being at home! I think I have eaten my way through the past 3 days. How about some tips on staying fit at a “certain age” I am going to need it!

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