happy valentine’s day | fridays with oscar

  1. Terry Wollersheim says:

    I really would like to try the recipe but I am not very talented when it comes to improvisation. Can I find the recipe, including ingredient amounts, somewhere online? Thank you, Beth.

    Gorgeous outfit! And, Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

  2. Judy says:

    love the ensemble. The dinner looks delish. Give Oscar a big hug…he looks like such a teddy bear!

  3. I’ve tried the cauliflower gnocchi a few times – it is tricky to cook, falls apart easily, but is delicious in many different recipes – yours sounds great!
    May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love!

  4. Joy says:

    You and Oscar are giving hope for Spring
    lighter clothes and sandals will be a relief
    Going to try the recipe – sounds delicious for cool, rainy days

  5. Georgia Peach says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    I love the pink and gray. That color is very flattering on you. Lipstick and nail color I love!
    Oscar is a fine loyal companion. I,too,am a dog(& cat) lover.
    I am thinking of you on your first Valentine’s Day without your beloved Mr. Style .
    May happy memories bring a smile.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      thanks so much. it’s always good to get on the other side of the ‘firsts’. but i had a wonderful day spent with friends and family. i’m truly blessed.

  6. Marie Dee says:

    Aww www! Oscar is so sweet! I love the pic of him giving you his paw! We have a light colored golden retriever who is our baby! God bless our furry companions who give us unconditional love! Happy Valentine’s Day and you look stunning in that pic of you standing in front of the painting! Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Suzi says:

    I have also used the cauliflower gnocchi and made a similar recipe only I used chicken italian sausage to hopefully lighten it up a little more. Very good and we shall make again.

  8. Karen says:

    Happy V day to you Beth, can you please share the quantities in your gnocchi recipe? I’d love to try it

    • Katie says:

      Oh, how fun! Really like your pink and grey outfit. The scarf belt is a great idea, especially for traveling and keeping a suitcase light.

      I keep peeking in to see what you have up your sleeve for you and your sons and daughter in law to do together next. You should have a little contest to see who can guess what it will be.

      Oscar is adorable! He looks so debonair.

      We took valentines gifts by to our adult daughter, who is a young widow, her two dogs and cat yesterday. Those rescued Grands like getting a new stiffed toy as well as any grandchild would. LOL

      Off we go to meet the Granddogs and our daughter for the Valentines party at their pet day care center.

      Have a good day,

      • Beth Djalali says:

        i bet those critters loved having a new toy! i’m so happy your daughter had them and you by her side on Valentine’s Day. friends and family are so important. and they help ease the sorrow.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      the recipe easily served four.

  9. Becky says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you & your family, including Oscar & Ollie!
    I’m wearing pink today, too. My husband gave me a pair of pink Kate Spade heart earrings for Christmas, so I had to wear those, of course.

  10. Mary Grogan says:

    Love the grey and soft pink. Also like the happy pics of you and Oscar. Food looks good too!

  11. Ali Fraser says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Beth and Oscar. Love the outfit. Love your handsome boy. Love the food! In fact, it’s just a love fest all round!

  12. Lindsey A says:

    I’m wearing soft pink today too, but a sweater, with standard blue jeans. Added a red flowery scarf as I quite like a red/pink clash. With an Elsa Peretti open heart necklace from Tiffany, it is my concession to Valentines – a day I’m not hugely into, mainly because it seems so commercial these days and I believe that if you love someone, you should tell them every day and not need a prescribed day to have some special time together. But I know for some people it is an important day and don’t want to knock that – the beauty of life is that we’re all different.

    Anyway, I also wanted to say hugs to you today Beth, since this is your first Valentines without Mr. Style and I imagine it is another one of those milestones that keep happening but don’t get any easier.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      love, love, love the Elsa Peretti colletion! sounds like a gorgeous outfit. agree 100% about sharing our love each and every day. life is precious and our love too. thanks for thinking of me. it’s always good to get on the other side of a ‘first’.

  13. Suzanne M Smith says:

    Pretty OOTD. I will have to watch for the cauliflower gnocchi–we both really like cauliflower, and it is amazing how many carbs can creep into a day if you don’t watch them, so this sounds good. I love using pretty scarves as a belt–that one looks lovely with this combination. I had my winter scarf on today as it was in the 30s heading to our weekly Saturday breakfast today. I also thought of you on your first Valentine’s day without Mr Style. I know he was with you in spirit. If it’s any consolation, we were dog-sitting and sitting quietly in the living room, when one of the little pups gave a really loud, god-awful-sounding snort/sneeze yesterday and Joe looked at me and said, “Oh, that reminds me–happy Valentine’s Day!” Haaaaaa– not sure what exactly that came from, but it made us both laugh out loud. Have a good weekend…xo

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