Shifting into Neutral: Late Summer Outfits

  1. Carolina Girl says:

    Always look forward to Fridays with you two ladies and OSCAR!! And the OSCAR goes to … you both! Nice, late summer options … and I try the recipes you post … LaMarca Prosecco in a cocktail is usually a good sign also. Happy Weekend Kick-Off!

  2. I love hang around the house weekends.. get some work done and then just relax.
    Olive and navy look great together, and love the pink gingham shirt. Oscar of course, looks Marvelous! 😀

  3. Maeve says:

    I always look forward to Oscar, but this recipe and the complementary cocktail sound really good. Love both outfits! I have a lighter pink gingham shirt from BR that I haven’t worn yet: I guess it should be on-deck for this week. A tiny quibble: why paper plates … unless Beth, you have a stash from 20 years ago?

  4. Susan B. Barnes says:

    Love Fridays with Oscar … and even the cat 🐈. I love todayFriday’s. As always you & Kelly do an excellent job. More photos of Oscar please. He is the star of Fridays.

  5. I enjoy hang around the house weekends. Get some work done and then relax. Love olive with navy, and the pink gingham blouse. Of course, Oscar looks Marvelous😀

  6. Mary Siteman says:

    Love Fridays with Oscar! A great reminder to get out of those work around clothes and into something cool , relaxing and smart looking.
    The recipe and cocktail ideas are always inspiring!
    Thanks Ladies, here’s to all of us! 🍹

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