fridays with oscar

  1. Nikki G says:

    I have just placed my order for this dress. It needs me. Or. I need it. Anyway… yes, I noticed your hair! I had mine like yours for a couple of years and now I am letting it grow, but you make it want it like that again!
    🙂 gwingal

    • beth djalali says:

      nikki! you won’t be sorry you ordered this dress. i love mine. but what’s not to love about a denim dress?! don’t cut your hair. that’s a lot of work to grow it out, so enjoy the longer length for awhile. you can always chop it off down the road.

      • Nikki G says:

        It’s amazing what shoes do. I know it’s a fact but it still amazes me. I got my dress and had to try it on immediately. I had on workout clothes which I removed, but I didn’t remove my socks and shoes. I hated the dress. I knew it would look different when I put on proper shoes and added jewelry, but I just didn’t think it was going to work for me. Later after supper and shower, I got my favorite wedges and put the dress on again. TA-DA! It’s all cute and date worthy now!

  2. Sue Smith says:

    I like the loafers with that dress! Looks cute. And Oscar is such a sweetheart–he really does look like he has a great temperament. Looking forward to your NYFW reports! Knock ’em dead! This is a great time of year to head to the city.

    • beth djalali says:

      oscar is such an amazing dog! we’ve been lucky and had a string of amazing dogs, but oscar is so noble and so loving and is mr. style’s best friend. i’m so excited to be visiting one of my kiddos. and we both know how fab nyc is especially this time of year. it’s going to be a great week!

  3. donnanance says:

    Love the haircut! The dress and the loafers would be staples in any gal’s closet. You are really dedicated to your workout! Enjoy your week in NYC…. xoxo

    • beth djalali says:

      i am determined to be a regular at the gym again! i already feel sooooo much better. this was the one piece missing from my life, but it’s back, baby. new york in the fall? it’s going to be a great week!

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