One of 2022’s Best Women’s Raincoats

  1. Maeve says:

    Really cut looks! I love the raincoat’s plaid every time I see it. But I wouldn’t buy it b/c of the two narrower columns that run from chest (bust darts, maybe?) to hem. It throws off the whole look b/c is so noticeable. I have a T’s plaid raincoat from 2020 that is made just fine.

  2. Very cute outfit. Pink is one of my favorite colors and I have been trying not to order any more sweaters. Might have to change my mind and the raincoat is great! Is it navy or black in the coat?

  3. Helen Heffernan says:

    Oh my goodness. Am I really seeing a flowering tree in the background? Send some of that beauty our way! Always, always, enjoy your post! Seeing your style and your smile makes my day along with my morning coffee.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      that is a tulip magnolia. they’re the first to burst into bloom. but the trees and shrubs aren’t far behind.

      • Jody says:

        I’m frustrated with your website. Today you were wearing a Kelly Green trench coat and I saw no reference to where to purchase. This is not the first time I see a recommendation and I search and have big disappointment when I cannot locate it.

        • Beth Djalali says:

          today’s post is all about the plaid raincoat from Talbots and it is linked as all the items are. sometimes, we run posts with inspirational outfits
          from the past in that instance we note that similar are linked. hope this helps.

  4. Carolina Girl says:

    I had previously spotted this raincoat and I adore it! Might NEED to get it. Talbots is my fave.

  5. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Gorgeous head-to-toe OOTD, gorgeous setting, gorgeous you! Beautiful raincoat and rainboot ensemble, Beth. I want it! ~

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