This Special Occasion Dress Won’t Break The Bank

  1. Virginia says:

    This dress looks fabulous, especially for the price, and I just ordered it in pink. I’d love it if your posts included a bit more about fit — for example, did ou find that a particular item ran small, large, or true to size? That would be especially helpful for brands/labels that your readers are likely to order online and/or may not already have experienced (for example, few Walmarts actually carry Scoop in the store, so no opportunity to try on, and I have never ordered it before). I love that you feature a range of price points, and though I am not a Walmart shopper (ever), I’m interested to see how this dress turns out for me. As a veteran TJMAxxinista, I have no qualms about buying, trying, and returning! Thanks!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      thanks for the suggestion!i have featured the Scoop line (exclusive to Walmart) several times before as it’s a great brand for the budget conscious. i have found that it runs TTS. but Walmart goes one step further as on their website you can pick your size and have a model with that body type show you what it looks like. genius!

  2. The dress looks very pretty,
    Every thing looks very nice on you
    Love those cap toe shoes, I remember the white and black from Talbot.
    This year I do not see them.
    Thank you

  3. Vikki Andrews says:

    I can’t imagine your wearing anything from Walmart. The clothes, etc that you model are expensive. But you are beautiful and it’s nice to see that you would advertise for Walmart.

    • Kayteeko says:

      I managed to grab the pink dress and now I just ordered the skirt as well. Thank you for introducing Scoop line to me. I really love it.

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