The Best Way to Clean out Your Closet

  1. gail King says:

    Thanks Beth, I so needed this incentive today!

  2. Mary Lu Redden says:

    I think that the “If I haven’t worn it in a year out it goes” doesn’t apply to a year and a half of Covid! I did a fall inventory of my wardrobe and realized how little I have worn with no outings, concerts, gatherings etc. But my sweatpants have gotten quite worn out.

    • Marsha R says:

      I totally agree, this post made sense before Covid. I have some things that I haven’t worn in about 2 years, but I’m not getting rid of them.

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree. I normally follow the 1 year rule ( maybe 18 months😆) but with covid and my traveling, entertaining, going out to dinner nights so curtailed; I’m giving my summer and winter clothes one more. Year before I toss.
      I usually donate even my new clothes. My husband and I are heavily involved with a local charity that does excellent work for those in need. I figure the dollars I’d get from resale would be better used going to help a family pay their rent ( all
      Profits from their thrift store go to help local families in need).
      But excellent post, Beth. Saving it for next year!!!!!😊😊😊

  3. Eve says:

    That’s what I’ve been doing. Purging is freeing. I have no intention of feeling guilty when I see my mistakes so out they go to a thrilled sister in law, 😊 or Goodwill. Great post!

  4. Char M says:

    Beth, please address closets in dusty climates such as AZ desert. Clothes are three season, so aren’t in storage bins but rather readily accessible. Would love ideas for budget-friendly dust covers. Ideally we’d wear things often so dust wouldn’t settle, but not always the case.

  5. I love a well-organized closet too! I have written a couple of blogs on this subject. One trick that I use is at the beginning of each season I turn all of my hangers backwards. Once I have worn an article of clothing the hanger gets flipped around forwards. If at the end of the season any of the hangers are backwards I need to seriously give some thought to whether the piece should be donated or maybe it is a classic piece that I just didn’t have the opportunity to wear…in which case it stays one more season (usually in another closet) If at the end of season two it’s still backwards…it is definitely time to get rid of it. I love the company you keep in your closet BTW!!! sweet pup, Tank keeps me company in mine too. He has his own fur mat in there and a little bowl of treats too. xo

  6. Janet says:

    Thanks for this post, Beth! I regularly do a closet purge and re-organization in Spring and Fall. My strict rule is: anything in my closet has to fit, be flattering, and have a solid purpose in my wardrobe (i.e., I do wear it.). There’s such satisfaction in seeing everything in it’s place and readily accessible. I agree with the other ladies that Covid has thrown a monkey-wrench into the “if you haven’t worn it in a year” rule. So many of my lovely pieces just didn’t make it out of my closet this year, even after things opened up. I’m finding that although we’ve emerged from sequestering, our ways of dressing seem to have shifted—even the offerings in stores and online are different. I’d love to hear your comments and observations on this. Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend!

  7. Nancy says:

    This is exactly what I’m in the middle of. I have probably as many clothes as in your closet with about a quarter of the closet space! I take everything to my finished basement, have a couple of mobile clothing racks, plenty of hangers and I sort through everything, try on etc.! It’s so overwhelming. I have WAY too many clothes. Just trying to decide what I really love and purge the rest. What I love best is a neat organized closet that is NOT packed to the rafters. That’s always my challenge! Thanks for the great post.

  8. Nancy says:

    Beth, thank you, for this post! I’ve been wondering about some of the donation options. I’ve hadn’t heard about donating to women’s shelters before and I love the idea.

  9. Sandra says:

    I would love to know how you organize all your lovely jewelry!

  10. Christi says:

    I suffer from closet envy. To have a closet that size would be heaven! Thank you for reminding me that I need to “cleanse.” Not just our master bedroom closet, but the guest room closet (out of season clothes and formal wear). Love the fur babies!

  11. Vikki Andrees says:

    No to moth balls! They stink! Damp Rid is an excellent choice plus it helps with moisture in the closets.

    Living in Florida has opened my eyes to this fantastic product.

  12. Mary Beth says:

    Okay. Okay. I know that we’re supposed to be focused on the clothes, shoes etc…who is the manufacturer of the carpet in your closet?

  13. Barbara Lacy says:

    Before I read your blog just now, for the last several hours I’ve been organizing my linens. I had way too many afghans, sheets, pillows, etc., big job but necessary. Now that I’ve read your closet inspiration, that’s next on the list. Thank you!

  14. Laurie Brown says:

    Closet reset and organization is my favorite time of year. I don’t stick firmly to the “one year rule” because some years are different than others as we all now know. One reminder if I may, don’t forget to dust your closet shelves. : )

  15. Chris says:

    Great ideas in your post today! I cleaned out my closet last year at the beginning of the shut down but I should go through it again!!! I kept way too many items last time!!! Loved seeing you featured in a nice ad in Real Simple magazine ! You looked great!!!

  16. Sally says:

    Petite That’s a lot of work takes more than an afternoon for me my weight goes down and it goes up so hard to get rid of things the quality is not there and I have a good quality of clothes now .

  17. Such an uplifting site, I may not carry out what is suggested right away but the closet organising article looks wonderful.

  18. Sue Hickey says:

    I’ve not cleaned my closets out in years. I recently started and found that I get tired both mentally and physically. So, I have to do a little at a time. I’m also losing weight and will have to go down a size. Also, there are four seasons here in Colorado requiring seasonal clothing. Hang in there friends, the process may take a year for some of us.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      the good news is you decided to tackle your closets! and if you haven’t tackled a closet cleanse in years it will take some time. go at your
      own pace knowing that in due time you will have a revitalized wardrobe and a life that’s organized.

  19. Andrea says:

    Excellent, timely post, Beth. I’ve gone one step further, now 72. I remember my mum having fantastic handy-me-downs, and looking back, i realized how she managed to be so well put together on a relatively limited income. Less is more! Granted that doesn’t work for everyone, but I’ve decided to embrace it. I buy less, but invest in things that really bring me joy. I wear them out or donate, so no major cleanses. The simplicity of my closet and wardrobe, brings me peace and the compliments flow. I do, however, love your closet Reno 👏

  20. Nancy B says:

    Excellent post, Beth! Exactly what I’ve been needing. Love how you have broken down the steps and suggesting affordable closet ideas. Looking very much forward to the upcoming year with you and your wonderful posts.

  21. Arna says:

    We are moving into our new house later this week, so I really needed this. I have packed everything (twice since we moved in May, and then again now), and I purged a lot. I know that it will take a year or so to see what clothes I will really wear (we moved from New Hampshire to North Carolina, and I retired, so different focus for clothing). I cannot wait to unpack my clothes (and use your suggestions for organizing my clothes.) I designed the master closet with the finish/trim guy and ideas from fashion bloggers. It includes much of what you suggest here. Ready to move and start unpacking, at last. I will be saving this post for help along the way.

  22. Michelle Hamric says:

    Beth, the new year is the perfect time to sort through and organize my closet. In fact, I sorted through some of it yesterday on New Years Day. I have to say that I’m a little envious, no, make that VERY envious of your closet! I’ve envisioned a closet like that for literally years but to no avail. I keep dreaming though!
    I’m glad to read that you put your Christmas decorations away on January first. I’ve always loved doing that because at that point I’m ready to refresh my surroundings and get reset for the new year.

  23. Diana Shelton-Echols says:

    I have 2 questions.
    1. Do you have any suggestions for storing boots.? I have way to many taking up tons of closet space.
    2. How are you deciding what to purge? There are so many items I Would wear but my covid social life is so limited? I rarely go out now.

  24. Dawn says:

    This is perfect for January. I did a major purge last year and am in the process of another. Sometimes it takes me time to admit that a piece needs to go. 🙂

    I’d only add that it’s possible for items you’d normally trash to be recycled. Some regional Goodwills will take your unusable clothing and sell them to textile recyclers, and there are other options too to keep old clothes out of landfills.

    To be safe, I label the bags I put things like that in as textile recycling since I’m like you: it should only be donated in good condition.

  25. I see that you are doing well. Good luck. Welcome

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