My 8 Favorite Fridays With Oscar

  1. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    You, Beth, have made a challenging 2022 easier to navigate with your enthusiasm! God bless you and your dear family. Happy New Year! 🎆🎆 2023 🎆🎆

  2. Hetty says:

    Hi Beth. On the current IG reel, about New Years means new makeup, you’re wearing a toggle necklace, which I’ve noticed in previous posts. It’s stunning! Did the necklace come with the medallion or did you add it later. Any suggestions on where to purchase something similar would be appreciated. Already tried NM & Nordy? Happy & Healthy New Year to you and your family. Cheers Hetty

  3. Nancy B says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane with 2022 Friday’s with Oscar. It’s my favorite as well! Love the mix of fashion, food and the always handsome Oscar!

  4. Carolina Girl says:

    Fridays with you and Oscar are something I always look forward to! Thanks for the recap and happy NYE 2023!

  5. Andrea says:

    All the best to you and your family for 2023, Beth.
    Oscar is a wonderful dog, and I imagine, a wonderful companion 🎁. Love your new hair cut – perfect blend of short at the front which opens your face, but with body at the back, to soften and modernize 🥂

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