mariner stripe sweater

  1. Anon says:

    I love my striped cotton sweaters! I bought three a few years ago and wear them all the time — winter, spring and fall. Recently I added another to my collection, this one with metal buttons at the shoulders.

  2. beth byrd says:

    That sweater is such a classic! What a great look on you. Your hair looks fantastic in these photos!

  3. Sangita says:

    Congrats Beth on the renovation! Can’t wait to see how it all turned out. Great post and you look fabulous as always!!

  4. Thank you Beth love the white and black, but specially on you!!
    I wear it also but I live at the beach, and my skin is a little tan, and gray hair.
    Thank you again for sharing

  5. Katherine says:

    Hi Beth
    Your basement renovation was a HUGE undertaking on your part. As you very well know there is always speedbumps along the way.
    Renovations are never without there challenges.
    We went through this in our kitchen and master bathroom several years ago and all I will say it was an experience we shall never forget. Lasted for months. It felt like we were camping and living in dust for months. I cleaned like the “White Tornado” every evening. I am like you, like everything clean and tidy. Dust is so unhealthy to live in, NOT good if you deal with allergies. Thank goodness it was downstairs.
    You look so nice in your black and white sweater, you nailed the look.

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