Head Into the Weekend With Casual Chic Style

  1. Frances says:

    Not a fan of the long white shirt tail hanging out from the check vest. I like all the pieces in the outfit but IMHO, I think this creates too many horizontal lines and chops up the figure. I think it would look better with the white shirt tucked in , leaving just the contrasting line between the cute check vest and the faux leather bottoms.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      I loved this outfit so much from Talbots that I styled it exactly like they did! But not a problem if you’re not a fan. Little tweaks here and there and you have an outfit exactly to your liking.
      Have a great weekend! And I hope you try the recipes!

      • Carolina Girl says:

        I AM a fan of how you styled it! More modern. I had a big client meeting this week and wore my white button-down untucked. It had a fresher vibe. Love Talbots, so you’re TEMPTING me, Beth! That Houndstooth Vest 🙂

        Hi to Oscar and I’ll also try both your recipes. Have a great weekend!

        • Beth Djalali says:

          Isn’t this houndstooth vest divine?! Talbots is going strong with their fall collection. And I’ve had a sneak peek at their next collection and holiday collection. It’s sooooo good! Happy weekend!

    • Georgia Peach says:

      I’m inclined to agree w/you about the long white shirt, but hey, it’s fashion, so to each her own.
      We’re all allowed a miss occasionally. Beth seldom disappoints ❣

  2. Deanna says:

    Especially love that vest and the OOTD. Can’t wait to see what Talbots comes up with next. Just printed the meatball recipe. Definitely making these after i pick up some TJ’s meatballs.

  3. Love your outfit, your glasses, and of course Oscar…the star of the show on Friday’s! Have a wonderful football weekend 😀

  4. Nancy B. says:

    Great post, Beth! Always love anything houndstooth! I’ll be pinning your slow cooker meatball recipe and trying it soon. Thanks for the walk down memory lane with football. There was no one like the Jets and Joe Namath way back in the day when I was growing up. I still love watching a game every now and then. Cheers to you and Oscar for the weekend!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      I’m always a sucker for houndstooth, which is why this sweater vest found its way into my closet. Joe Namath was a household name back in the day! Enjoy your weekend!
      P.S. you will love the meatballs.

  5. Hi Beth
    Love the vest!!
    I was looking at it in the catalog
    I totally forgat a out the Manhathan
    Thank you
    Enjoy your Friday

  6. Patricia Florenco says:

    I have to agree with Frances. The shirt tail and vest is a mismatch. Maybe on a younger person but an older person cannot carry it well. If you look at the models on J.Jill they are all young.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      Age has nothing to do with style. Whether you’re old or young, you can pull this outfit off. It’s all about confidence and what makes you feel good. This outfit is from Talbots not J.Jill. Take a look at their site. You’ll see they have models from all age groups.

      I hope you try the meatball recipe. It’s delicious! Have a great weekend.

  7. Gablesgirl says:

    Beth, I appreciate your love of the Dawgs but you are wearing a houndstooth vest so Roll Tide!

  8. Ok, I read all the way through your post, even though it was a little heavy on the Dawgs enthusiasm up top. (Go Gamecocks!) Glad I did as the meatballs look great. But rats! I was just at Trader Joes today. Will have to try them out next weekend. Thank you for style after style. And your fresh, breezy writing style that always brings a little cheer to our days and often a light bulb Aha! moment.

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